23 October 2006

The Scorecard

The Scorecard: How to fix your Man in One Year or Less is a book that I'm helping to support. One of the authors is the wife of a brethren Chicago Police officer. I haven't read it yet as I'm juggling 3 books right now on my nightstand but it's on my Amazon WishList.


If you're interested in improving your relationship with your wife, husband, fiance or significant other - this book may give you some guidance. Here are some highlights & tips from it:

Simple ways to start fixing your man – and marriage:
*Brag, don’t nag. Reinforce and recognise good behaviour by praising him.
*Be polite. Never raise your voice.
*If you ask for his opinion, pay attention to it.
*Never put him down in front of his children.
*Don’t sign his name on joint Christmas and birthday cards.
*Compliment each other every day.
*Talk for at least 15 minutes each day.
*Support without stifling. In other words, back off!
*Remember, if one person in a marriage is transformed, so is their mate.

I'm keeping an open mind about the topic because, at face value, it seems like another "Man=Bad / Woman=Good" tome but I'm sure it's not all one-sided.

My favorite book about relationships was Dr. Laura Schlessinger's book The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands

My wife thought the premise of her book patently absurd but, the fundamental truth of the book was simple. Dr. Laura asserts that man is a "very simple creature," who needs only "direct communication, respect, appreciation, food, and good loving'" to respond with devotion, compassion and love. She claims that every woman can achieve a deeply satisfying marriage if she adheres to certain fundamentals men require. Preparing dinner, caring for the children without complaint, greeting her husband with a kiss and engaging in sexual intimacy instead of "tearing down a husband's necessary sense of strength and importance" can result in the harmonious marriage women crave.

Now that's what I'm saying! We are simple creatures to keep happy - it's astounding how so many women delve into overly complex issues when it comes to their husbands. As Dr. Laura says,"Drop the score keeping, make him something to eat and then have sex with him."

Sounds like the perfect recipe for a happy hubby!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

From the women I love to hate. You've managed to squeeze a few drops of wisdom from a giant lemon (her book). If she only practiced what she preached, lived her life like she demands that others live theirs, then maybe her relentless rants might actually have some credibility.


Funny how only Dr. Laura can have and *excuse* for her behavior.


Please someone send this women a beard trimmer