21 October 2006

Obama: Walking in Clinton's footsteps

Is it just me or is Barack Obama all over the place in the Mainstream Media lately?


Teri O'brien puts fingers to keyboard and enlightens us as to what's really going on with Barack "The Man-God" Obama. He's all over the MSM because the DNC is desperate to get black and hispanic voters out for the upcoming mid-term elections.

Barack Obama has been featured in theChicago Tribune, in Chicago magazine, in Time magazine, in Street prophets, NPR, NewsWeek, Larry King Live, and, of course, Oprah is openly endorsing BO for president.

Of course she's endorsing him ... he's black and so is she. You go Girl!

Obama’s great talent is the ability to cloak his socialist leanings and plans(“health care is a right,” “when we start talking about family values we start focusing very narrowly on things like abortion or gay marriage, but what we don’t spend enough time talking about is are mothers and fathers getting paid enough so they can support their kids and send them to college”) in a warm and fuzzy mask of perfect reasonableness and non-partisanship. In this regard, he runs laps around his Illinois colleague, Sen. Dick “Eddie Haskell” Durbin, who no matter how he tries, still comes off as a bug-eyed, fleshy-faced phony. Obama is a cool, smooth deceiver, the ultimate salesman, able to say inconsistent, or even false, things and yet convince many listeners that his is absolutely sincere. He represents the triumph of image over ideas. As such, he is the perfect democrat politician, with an ability to twist and distort the truth unseen since Bill Clinton. He is the walking embodiment of the most important arrow in the liberal quiver, the one without which they’d be lucky to break double digits in any election, stealth.

Why so much media exposure for the Brilliant-One? Because as a shill for the Democratic party, Obama must go out and start working the black and hispanic voting base on behalf of his DNC masters.


No one with any political savvy believes that OB is going to the White House. He is on par with Slick Willy Clinton - transparent, well-groomed, eloquent and charming. And just like Bill Clinton, Obama is all flash and no flavor. He sticks to the Democratic National Committee's talking points and agenda. He's their foot soldier who knows which side his bread is buttered. But don't expect the press to root around too deeply around OB - they're too busy spinning the yarn that OB is warm and fuzzy. Photo essays showing OB at home with his wife, making orange juice and kissing his kids good bye are all over the place.

So let's dig down and shed some light on Obama. His voting record in the senate is atrocious. He's voted exactly the same as Dick Durbin in virtually every category. Obama talks centrist but he's clearly and unequivocally Left of Center. The Tribune reported State GOP Chairman Murray Clark said Indiana Democrats were "blinded" by Obama's star power and apparently think he represents Hoosier values. But he said in 2005, Obama had a 100 percent voting record according to what he called "the far-left" organization Americans for Democratic Action.
"Whether it's wanting to cut and run in Iraq or obstructing highly qualified judges, Sen. Obama has a voting record that matches Hillary Clinton and Ted Kennedy," Clark said. "A vote for Joe Donnelly, Brad Ellsworth or Baron Hill is a vote to further the agenda of the far left."


Let's break down the senator's voting record to see where he really stands on the issues and you tell me if he's a moderate:

Voted against the amendment to make marriage between a Man and a Woman only.
Voted against the original Patriot Act amendment (12/2005)
Voted against making English the official national language.
Voted against putting up a double-layered fence at the Mexican/US border

Here is a table I put together to show the voting records for Barack Obama (BO) and Dick Durbin (DD) for this year. The tables can be found here. Notice that they differed on only 2 votes out of the 20:

9/29/06Vote 263: On the Cloture Motion: Child Interstate Abortion Notification ActNoNoNo
9/29/06Vote 262: H R 6061: H.R. 6061; Secure Fence Act of 2006YesYesNo
9/29/06Vote 261: H R 5631: H.R.5631 Conference Report; Department of Defense Appropriations Act, 2007YesYesYes
9/28/06Vote 260: On the Cloture Motion: Motion to Invoke Cloture on H.R. 6061; Secure Fence Act of 2006NoNoNo
9/28/06Vote 259: S 3930: S. 3930 As Amended; Military Commissions Act of 2006NoNoNo
9/28/06Vote 258: S 3930: Kennedy Amdt. No. 5088; To provide for the protection of United States persons in the implementation of treaty obligations.YesYesYes
9/28/06Vote 257: S 3930: Byrd Amdt. 5104; To prohibit the establishment of new military commissions after December 31, 2011.YesYesYes
9/28/06Vote 256: S 3930: Rockefeller Amdt. No. 5095; To provide for congressional oversight of certain Central Intelligence Agency programs.YesYesYes
9/28/06Vote 255: S 3930: Specter Amdt. No. 5087; To strike the provision regarding habeas review.YesYesYes
9/27/06Vote 254: S 3930: Levin Amdt. No. 5086; In the nature of a substitute.YesYesYes
9/25/06Vote 253: On the Nomination: Confirmation Francisco Augusto Besosa, of Puerto Rico, to be U.S. District JudgeYesYesYes
9/20/06Vote 252: On the Cloture Motion: Proceed to H.R. 6061; Secure Fence Act of 2006YesYesYes
9/19/06Vote 251: On the Nomination: Confirmation Alice S. Fisher, of Virginia, to be an Assistant Attorney GeneralNoNoNo
9/19/06Vote 250: H R 5684: H.R. 5684; United States-Oman Free Trade Agreement Implementation ActNoYesNo
9/14/06Vote 249: H R 4954: H.R.4954 as Amended; Security and Accountability For Every Port Act or the SAFE Port ActYesYesYes
9/14/06Vote 248: H R 4954: Motion to Table Schumer Amdt. No. 4930; To improve maritime container security by ensuring that foreign ports participating in the Container Security Initiative scan all containers shipped to the United StatesNoNoNo
9/14/06Vote 247: On the Cloture Motion: Motion to Invoke Cloture on H.R.4954; Security and Accountability For Every Port Act or the SAFE Port ActYesYesYes
9/13/06Vote 246: H R 4954: Menendez Amdt. No. 4999; To improve the security of cargo containers destined for the United States.YesYesYes
9/13/06Vote 245: H R 4954: Coleman Amdt. No. 4982; To require the Secretary of Homeland Security to ensure that all cargo containers are screened before arriving at a United States seaport.YesYesYes
9/13/06Vote 244: On the Motion: Motion to Table Biden Amdt. No. 4975; To establish a Homeland Security and Neighborhood Safety Trust FundNoNoNo

You can further compare OB to Bill Clinton. Look at Clinton's 1992 announcement speech. Clinton lists all manner of initiatives that he couldn't and didn't do anything to fix. What he didn't bother telling the American people in that speech is that Democratic initiatives going back to the 1960's were directly responsible for drug use, illiteracy, divisiveness, illegitimacy and crime. But Slick Willy made the points that people wanted to hear; he intoned how "blessed" he was, extolled the virtues of his wife Hillary - positioning themselves in a united front, and gave lip service to "maintaining a strong America."

He then made this comment, which in hindsight, is hysterical: The country is headed in the wrong direction fast, slipping behind, losing our way...and all we have out of Washington is status quo paralysis. No vision, no action. Just neglect, selfishness, and division.
For 12 years, Republicans have tried to divide us - race against race - so we get mad at each other and not at them. They want us to look at each other across a racial divide so we don't turn and look to the White House and ask, why are all of our incomes going down, why are all of us losing jobs? Why are we losing our future?

Playing both sides, positioning himself initially as a left-leaner, big government fat cat then, moving decidedly to the middle after his polling data told him to, showed that Clinton was just saying whatever the people wanted to hear. Just as the press maintained an incestuous relationship with JFK, they went the same way with Bill Clinton. With Clinton, the press was warm, inviting and uninterested in digging very deep into his past. He was an expert as reframing the facts that surrounded him so that he could literally "piss in your face and you'd think it was raining."

I'm seriously concerned with the MSM's ramp up on Barack Obama. When they throw so much time, effort and coverage at one person, it shows how entrenched their agenda is to get that person into office.

It should be a huge Red Flag and, thankfully I think many people can see through the smoke and mirrors. In all of these interviews with OB, he's never asked the tough questions. The interviewers just want to know his human side, discussions center around his book, his father, his mother, his wife and his kids.

Ultimately, the press doesn't care if Barack Obama is good for the country. For them it's just enough to know that he's a well educated black man who doesn't talk like a gang-banging thug. And he shares their core beliefs in Big Government, Cut & Run and higher Taxes.

And just like Clinton, he can talk for hours about absolutely nothing of substance.

God help us.


Anonymous said...

I need help. I am a young person who considers herself a libertarian more because of a refusal to associate with a particular party than any deep-seated libertarian leanings. I am going to vote for Topinka and Peraica and it will be the first time I vote Republican. I don’t know if that makes me a Dem. who is changing stripes or simply means I am getting older and will no longer vote for criminals simply because I'm from Chicago and that is what we seem to do...
My question is this, Obama's rock star treatment is wearing thin with me. He seems decent and honest and that is to be sure one of the sources of his godlike treatment and could very well pull folks like me (centrist, hopefully reasonable, fed-up with the choices given us) into his camp/cult of personality. What is the alternative? Where is the choice? Even if he has some dirty secret yet to be exposed, I don’t want to know it, I don’t want that to be a factor...in that sense he is even more like Clinton. I'd like to see an alternative to the Obama juggernaut but I do not want some resort to dirty politics. Beyond the fact that I am less interested in who some politico fucks than I am in who wins “Dancing With the Stars” (which is not a whole bunch)--there are far more important issues to be dealt with. So who is the alternative to the Obama powerhouse? Given the climate of the MSM, who can impede this man's coronation? As I said, he seems and probably is a decent guy, so how do you combat a campaign which has the air of inevitability two years out? I enjoy your insights a great deal, I am glad you took on Obama because I am really getting tired of hearing how wonderful he is and I anxiously await your reply...

Rue St. Michel said...

Your question is a good one.

Who can the GOP throw up against Obama? The Illinois GOP is scrambling to answer that question right now too. I think the best they have right now is Jim Oberweis. Since OB announced he's probably going to throw his hat in the ring in '08, the GOP has time on their side to mount a campaign. Only time will tell.

I don't like Obama as a candidate because I, as I wrote, think he's a Lib in Gucci Conservative clothing. When he was in Kenya, reconnecting with his FatherLand, he commented publicly that Kenya has to quit dealing in corruption and ethnic divisions. He should bring that message here but that would go smack against the Democratic agenda.

To know Obama you need look no further than his voting record. That speaks volumes about who he really is and where his priorities are. Over the next two years you're going to see him give lip service to the right (strong on border security and homeland security) but his time as senator will haunt him.

I empathize with much of the Libertarian platform too. However, it is a fringe 3rd party that can do nothing but split the conservative voting block. I would counsel you not to vote Libertarian because the GOP needs every vote it can get. That was what got Clinton into office in 92 - Perot pulled just enough of the GOP base away to open the door to Clinton.

I know the GOP has their problems too. I'm going to vote for Topinka and Peraica but I'm not going to fool myself into thinking that any great flood of change is going to sweep over Illinois when they get into office. The only reason why I lean more towards the Republicans is that, at the end of the day, I feel more secure and I have alittle more money in my pocket. In other words, what the Republicans have over the Democrats is more of a committment to National Security and to lower taxes.

Thanks for the great question and thanks for visiting.


Anonymous said...

The MSM definitely has been lining up lately to fellate "The Manchurian Candidate, " but I don't think he's going to run in '08. I think the democrats are going to give Al Bore and the other JFK from the Massachussetts Soviet Socialist Republic another shot at the nomination. I can also see them letting the Wicked Witch from Park Ridge take a run at it, if for no other reason than to have her views make the other two clowns come across as reasonable centrists. If Saint Obama runs, I see it being a test run to see how much name support he gets, ala Ronald Reagan in '76. I see Obama's big run for the top coming in '12.

leomemorial said...

Can someone please explain exactly what he's done while he's in office, aside from writing books, going on his book tours, Oprah, and the Africa photo op?

He wouldn't help our memorial during the Hampton fiasco...

Anonymous said...

when is his past drug abuse going to be addressed???????