06 October 2006

Joyeux anniversaire à moi!

It's been two years. I started this blog two years ago this month. I confess that it has been alot of fun to read and exchange comments with some of you. I don't always have the time to post a reply but I read every comment.

I appreciate all of you who visit. The blog hit 16,793 total visits and almost 26,000 page views. The total visits number is slightly inflated. When you factor out the number of times Sabian's visited, the true number would be much less! Just kidding, bro. You know that you're my favorite commentator. On the real, yo! - always right on the money!


I just wanted to start this in order to get some of my thoughts down on paper. I never intended to keep posting items all the time but it's addictive. When I'm on vacation I even try to sneak out to a computer to do some blogging. I do get worked up over some of the things that I write about (illegal immigration, obviously just one) but we as a nation aren't going to do anything about a problem if we just lie here and take it. You gotta get mad sometimes! You don't see Brian Williams or Katie Couric get upset when they're making their millions for having the ability to read from a teleprompter. But that is why people read blogs and listen to talkradio - to get the real juice on what's happening.

People need to wake up and recognize where we're headed and what's coming down the road to meet us. It ain't pretty! France, and most of europe, is dealing with the consequences of having Liberals making thier domestic policy while, at the same time, unchecked immigration is allowing people to come from countries where those people don't share the values of the europeans. They don't want to assimilate, nor will they ever.

It is so politically correct nowadays to just be milktoast. Moral relativism and PC attitudes are certain death. Even school children now are saying that there was nothing inherently "evil" about the nazis because the nazis believed in what they were doing. You believe this? Boys aren't taught to be aggressive anymore. You get a boy in school who's "acting up" and they'll put him on Ridilin - effectively emasculating him. The liberals want us to be unoffensive, unobtrusive and understanding - even as the headchoppers are knocking on our door!

As Michael Savage says, "Only hate and anger will save this country!" We've got to beat back the Left. I intend to do that one blog entry at a time.

So here's to two more years! God bless and stay safe out there!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on this milestone, you are my second read of the day (usually) after SCC, (and started reading you 'cause of their link). I agree with you about 98% of the time. Keep up the good work!

SCC said...

Happy anniversary!

It's always a brighter day (for us at least) when we can click over and see the date header has changed on your blog - it means new postings, new takes on situations, new humor.

So a joyous anniversary to you, many more to come, and continued well wishes on your excellent writings.

CPDSpicoli said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

Keep up the good work. I'm glad there are still people in this country that aren't afraid to speak the truth!!! Even if it is not POLITICALY CORRECT! But who wants to be politicaly correct?

kateykakes said...


Found you through a post at SCC - a very impressive site you have here. Well done!

Sabian said...

A toast....to a great place for good cerebral stimulation and TRUTH. Thanks for scintilating topics...REALLY!, great insights, and "piss my pants" humor. I can't tell you how many times I couldn't ee the screen because I had tears in my eyes and the ole contacts were floating. The "photo inserts of someone who will remain nameless" was a great ride. I can't wait for the next year...hopefully our social and global ills will be eradicated. If not, Rue will be the voice of the right thinking.

And, YES, I am here as often as those crackheads with their squeegees and dirty water at Cicero and The Stevenson. Hey Rue, need your screen cleaned?... Ha!

fto bob 025 said...

Rue keep up the great work !

leomemorial said...

CONGRATS and Happy Anniversay. Let's toast, it's also our anniversay @ the police memorial (7 years).

Great to see a fellow Chicagoan raising hell and going against the grain!

Anonymous said...

I agree with everything on your post with ONE exception. Liberals aren't the sole cause of illegal immigration. Conservatives have had a firm grasp on power in Washington for over six years now. Our federal courts are dominated by them. Yet illegals still continue to stream across the border in droves. True enough youu've got liberal crackpots who think we should just naturalize these criminals and be done with it. I'm one left leaning liberal who is TOTALLY against that! What kind of message does that send to LEGAL immigrants who are following the letter of the law? The White House has been strangely silent on this issue. It's my opinion that Bush's corporate sponsers want illegal aliens here to drive down wages and weaken the middle class. And by the way, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!