19 October 2006

CNN airs video of "insurgent" snipers

CNN aired a video last night which showed a 3-man Iraqi sniper team, systematically killing US soldiers in Iraq.

Today, due to a storm of criticism, they aired a clarification as to why they decided to show the footage.

I read their explanation and it is utter fluff. The fundamental reason why they aired it was to garner ratings and to aid and abet the enemy. Helping the enemy by demoralizing and demonizing US troops seems to be CNN's raison d'etre.

A guy named Junior left this comment over at LGF:

#19 Junior - 10/19/2006 07:24PM PDT
What CNN will show: Abu Ghraib photos, American soldiers' coffins, 25 war protesters when they claim they will have thousands, more Abu Ghraib photos, videos of jihadists picking off American soldiers, enemy propaganda, a running death toll of Americans in Iraq eagerly awaiting the next thousand mark, Sheehan, and on and on.

What CNN will not show: 9/11 footage or photos, the running death toll of jihadists, ANY continuous footage of the riots from France or anywhere else in Europe, any tapes from MEMRI, Muhammad cartoons, jihadist beheading of innocent people (even journalists), the thousands of successes of our troops in Iraq, and on and on.

We all know whose side they are on. Whores of the Caliphate; all.
They are so blinded by their hatred of one man that they have sold their souls to the death cult of radical Islam.

Here is LGF's original link.

UPDATE: Meet Marine 2 Lt. Joshua Booth, murdered by an Iraqi sniper


leomemorial said...

What the hell??? They should not have shown this. It's unacceptable. I have friends over there as well as my police memorial assistant, who is in law enforcement. It's completely dishonorable.

kateykakes said...

the thousands of successes of our troops in Iraq, and on and on.


My brother is a Marine who was deployed to Iraq. He called me all the time and would fill me with what was going on there - well, as much as he was allowed to tell.

Not that I needed him to remind me, but he told me all the time not to believe the BS the liberal Media was spewing at us about the war in Iraq.

Eff CNN and all the others who want us to try to cram their garbage down our throats.