10 October 2006

The case for voting Republican

I know! I know! (heavy sigh...) I think Bush and the Republicans have dropped the ball on a number of fronts. I've been more than tempted to chuck it all and not vote at all. I completely understand the sentiment of those who want to "send a message" to the President through the voting box. Some of the things that I see as GOP problem areas are: through-the-roof social spending, Bush's dangerous, ridiculous and unbelievable immigration policy, and - it doesn't help things that Bush still can't give a speech to save his ass. If he says "new-cler" one more time I'm going to scream! It is pronounced "nu-clee-ar" you big dope!

If you're seriously considering jumping on the Democratic bandwagon this fall, please reconsider.

The Republicans have done some very good things. The CBO says the deficit has dropped from the $423 billion to $250 billion. The CBO says the reason for the decline is better than expected tax receipts, especially from corporate profits. Because corporations have more money to keep, due to Bush's tax cuts, they're keeping more of their receipts and thus paying more taxes.

More good news is that gasoline prices are down sharply. The Dow Jones Industrials set a new record high last week. The unemployment rate now stands at 4.6 percent which is down from 6.3 percent in 2003, lower than the average of the 1970s, 1980s, or the 1990s, and equivalent to the unemployment rate in September 1998. Since August 2003, the economy has created 6.6 million new jobs. Those are all sterling accomplishments.

Still the Left in the MSM is in full propaganda mode in an attempt at swaying undecided voters away from the Republicans. The NYTimes ran this op-ed piece in which they continue to focus on giving terrorists just as much rights as you. They continue to hammer away at Gitmo, torture, abu-graib and the fact that Libs think that jihadis should know everything about our domestic surveillance methods. They continue to cast Bush as the root cause of all of the World's problems.

Cal Thomas over at Townhall.com writes eloquently for the case for voting Republican:
Democrats have no plan for keeping America safe, or winning the war against the fanatics. They have opposed most of the Bush administration's domestic surveillance methods. They have opposed aggressive interrogation tactics designed to get information to protect us, including opposition to the detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, where detainees are treated better than they could expect if they were detained in their homelands.
This election isn't about House pages; it's about survival. In his new book, "America Alone: The End of the World As We Know It," columnist Mark Steyn states this irrefutable fact about the importance of winning in Iraq: "Being seen not to run - or, if you prefer, being seen to show Œresolve' - should be the indispensable objective of U.S. foreign policy. Were these colors to run from Iraq, it would be the end of the American era - for why would Russia, China, or even Belgium ever again take seriously a superpower that runs screaming for home at the first pinprick."
For all of their promises to do a better job of fighting this war, Democrats have no plan, other than retreat. That is the plan the terrorists have for us. Retreat is not in their playbook. The terrorists in Iraq and elsewhere don't speak of timetables for withdrawal or bringing their fighters home in time for Ramadan. They're in it for the long haul. They believe we are not. A victory by Democrats next month will validate their view and encourage them to fight harder.

Sure the GOP has made some mistakes but look beyond the headlines. Mistakes were made in Iraq but since when don't people make mistakes? No one said Iraq would be a 2 week war...we were prepped from the get go that this would be a long process. It took US forces 9 months to find Manuel Noriega in Panama. No wonder it's taking us so long to get Bin Laden.

The US people deserve better but they're not going to get better served by a Democratic congress. Harry Reid, Dick Durbin, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Ned Lamont, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Shumer are moonbats. They are the phalynx of the Unhinged Left. They don't have a plan for anything - let alone something as complex and dynamic as a War. All they fall back on is Tax and Spend. They didn't even have the wherewithal to make Bush's tax cuts permanent. Instead of focusing on national security, they continue to focus on Mark Foley. Instead of closing our borders and enforcing our laws, they're focused on working with the ACLU to remove christian symbols from county seals. Instead of identifying and naming our enemies, they're busy bestowing "human rights" onto Jihadis who want to cut your throats and claiming that "cultural diversity" and "ethnic sensitivies" are paramount considerations.


Sorry folks. If the Democrats get a foot in the door this November, it's going to be a very cold winter. I just hope enough of us recognize what's going on and take action.

David Limbaugh's take on the topic is insightful and a must read.


Anonymous said...

The cartoon you post on this blog is nothing more than fear peddling. The GOP's got nothing. You talk about low unemployment? We both know those numbers can be manipulated in many different ways. But for arguments sake lets say your numbers ARE correct. Most new jobs created are low paying service industry. Wal-Mart has replaced GM as the largest employer in the country. The average manufacturing job pays in the neighborhood of about $35,000. the average retail job $17,000 tops. Try to keep a roof over your families head and keep them clothed and fed on THAT yearly income. Especially in THIS city. It's hard enough to raise a family on what WE make. The poverty rate in this country is rising every year. You've got plenty of people working,but few who can properly support themselves or their families on what they earn. Add in the invasion of illegals in this country and drops wages even lower. Tax breaks? Gimmie a break! The ONLY group of people who are getting real tax breaks under this administration and this congress is the top 10% of wealthy people in this country. The rest of us are being thrown crumbs. The middle class in this country is shrinking. and so is their influence. You paint a rosy picture Rue. But if you're one of the MILLIONS of people I've just described,those roses smell like s#@! And for the record,if the Dems do control congress after November I expect nothing but the same. Until a credible THIRD party emerges and the American people wake up and vote their real intrests NOTHING will change!

Rue St. Michel said...

I'm not painting a "rosy picture" of our economy - the CBO is laying the numbers out. And if you're not going to trust government generated numbers then what's the point of discussing it? Where else are you going to get qualitative numbers to see where we are?

We have been losing Manufacturing jobs to overseas competitors since the early 1970's. Your observations are simplistic. According to the Bureau of Labor services there are 12 industry supersectors : Construction, Education and Health Services, Financial Activities, Government, Information, Leisure and Hospitality, Manufacturing, Natural Resources and Mining, Other Services, Professional and Business Services, Transportation and Utilities, and Wholesale and Retail Trade. We've lost manufacturing to overseas competitors but service sector jobs are up. That is the nature of the beast in a free-trade economy.

Manufacturing accounts for 11% of national employment. We wouldn't have lost so much of our manufacturing sector if it wasn't for the terrible quality of the products we were producing in the 70's and 80's. We lost steel mills and plants because Japanese steel was a higher quality. We lost market share in auto sales because overseas competitors were smarter and built higher quality products. We lost much of our electronics sector because overseas labor is just as good but much cheaper.

We are in a free market economy. Those are the dynamics of our market place. What do you want to do - have big government step in and subsidize everthing? Artificial price and wage supports are a quick fix bandaid that,in the long term, don't do the working man or corporations any good.

And your declaration that the Tax cuts proposed by Bush are only helping the Top 10% is utter nonsense. According to the tax policy center :
For 2000, Top 10% wage earners accounted for 25.7% of total Federal tax receipts. The Top 1% accounted for 29.1%. The wealthy PAY MORE than the poor and more money gets funneled back to the poor through a higher wage base and lower unemployment if the wealthy get some tax relief. Additionally see here for graph which shows the distribution by wage levels. It shows that the wealthy paid about 5% less in taxes over a 10 year period while the poorest also paid about 5% less.
There is no way that a Third party will ever get a foothold in this country -- that is a pipedream. You may as well wish for a fleet of Aliens to come swooping down out of the skies and use their advanced technologies to create a collective "fortress of solitude."

Joshua said...

So we should reward Republicans because market action has reduced a defecit single-handedly created by Republican policy?

And before you say that "market action" is a funciton of Republican tax policy: imagine what the defecit would look like if Republican tax policy weren't fighting Republican pork-hunger.