24 October 2006

Al-jazeera Gloats over Death of Bush

Accuracy in Media reports that Al-jazeera has posted a review of the movie "Death of a president" by entitling the story "Death Becomes Bush" on its website.

From AIM:
Even liberals seem uncomfortable with Al-Jazeera's latest ploy.
A left-wing blogger at the Huffington Post called it Al-Jazeera "comin' out swinging," as he noted the headline on the Al-Jazeera website over a story about a movie depicting the assassination of President Bush. The headline said: "Death Becomes Bush," as if Al-Jazeera wanted Bush dead.

The film features Bush getting killed by a sniper while campaigning in Chicago in 2007. The director of the film said in an interview that no one should take away from the film that they're endorsing the assassination of the president.

Naaa ... how could we?

The Al-jazeera story comes from the network that interviewed US envoy Alberto Fernandez, director of public diplomacy in the Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs at the State Department who offered an unusually candid assessment of America’s war in Iraq.

“We tried to do our best but I think there is much room for criticism because, undoubtedly, there was arrogance and there was stupidity from the United States in Iraq,” he said.

Al-jezeera also ran a poll in which it was revealed that 49.9% support Osama bin Laden and 79.8% believe the war in Iraq is a war on Islam itself. George Galloway has appeared on Al-jazeera claiming to be broke and asking viewers to send him money. And let's not forget that every terrorist Jihadi-bin-laden-al-zaheeri video has come gleaming across the continents via Al-jazeera.

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