08 September 2006

Muslims Kidnap and Behead Editor

The BBC reports that the beheaded body of a Sudanese newspaper editor has been found on the outskirts of the capital, Khartoum.

Mohammed Taha, the editor of the newspaper al-Wifaq, was taken from his home on Tuesday night by an unknown group of armed men. Last year, he was put on trial for blasphemy after his pro-government paper reprinted an article questioning the parentage of the prophet Muhammad. The charges were later dropped but if convicted of blasphemy under Sharia law, he could have been put to death.

Thank your lucky stars, like I do, every day that we live in a country where you can discuss ANYTHING and not have your head chopped off.

The Religion of Peace strikes again.

How many Mohammed Tahas or Theo Van Goghs or Solomon Rushdies have to be murdered or threatened before the world wakes up and does something about it.

Britain has been appeasing and placating these Muslims for 30 years now and look what it has gotten them - a burgeoning influx of people who don't want to learn the language, don't want to assimilate and just add more cost to the government payrolls.

It just puts it into perspective. When people like McCain and Pelosi charge Bush with accusations of torture and war crimes, just look at what's really happening around the world and the phony posturings of these LibTards is not only unfounded, but insulting to those who have to endure totalitarian and dictatatorial regimes.

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Anonymous said...

I believe torture is UNECESSARY to extract information from enemy combatants. Counterintelligence agencies like the CIA,MI-6,and the KGB (Or whatever they call themselves these days.) Have much more efficent ways of interrogating prisoners. that have nothing to do with PHYSICAL torture. This sort of thing is low-tech and beneath our nation. Because we have regard for human life and human rights,we have a great deal more moral currency to spend than most of the third world countries that criticize us. There are humane ways to extract information from these people and the methods have existed for years.