26 September 2006

Hero cabbie shoots would-be robber

KTBS reports that a Shriveport, LA cab driver shot a man who attempted to rob him.

Detectives say the cab driver was called to the 3500 block of Ninock Street to pick up a fare. They say Arthur Joseph, 20, got into the back driver-side seat. Seconds later, another man wearing a mask over his face got into the back passanger-side seat, pointed a gun at the driver and demanded money.

The driver pulled out his handgun and opened fire. "I came up with my 9mm and started shooting. I shot him five times," he said.

We have gotten to a point in our culture where people have a tolerance for crime. Just look at some high profile cases: OJ Simpson, Martha Stewart, Rodney King, Mike Tyson - much of the MSM wanted to give these people a collective pass when it came to doing time in jail. A microcosm of where we're at as a culture is Napster. For years people downloaded songs and music for free - in effect, stealing the intellectual property of musicians and denying them the fruits of their labors. Was there a general outcry that this was wrong? No. On the contrary, people lined up to cry that their precious Napster account had been closed and some folks went to jail over it.

People said,"Give me a break! Martha Stewart is a millionaire. So what that she made $40,000 on an insider trading deal. It's like .01% of what she's worth!"

The point is that she broke the law and needed to pay the consequences.

So now we see a general malaise when it comes to cracking down on crime. Rudy Guiliani cleaned up the streets of New York by giving his officers free reign to make arrests and do what they're supposed to be doing. Was the Liberal Establishment happy now that they could walk through Washington Square at night and not worry about being killed, beat or robbed? No. All they could say was that Guiliani "terrorized" the pissbums and "teens" that were roused from their hangouts by "aggressive" officers.

So when it comes to Guns, the MSM really shows its agenda. Liberals love to take the easy way, the paved superhighway of intellectual endeavors, the slow and easy downhill grading. They deride conservatives for "thinking in black and white" but they do it all the time. "Guns cause crime", "Guns equal violence", "If you got all the guns then there would be no crime"....the rationalizations are nauseating.

But gun control should be renamed the "Mugger Protection Act" because criminals can always get guns. Even if you stop guns from being manufactured in the US, gangs with overseas connections will just import them.

The way to stop crime is to allow private, law-abiding citizens to have them. If Pooky is rolling around looking to "hit a crib" and rob, rape and steal - he'll think twice about going after a person who may be armed.

That's a fact.

So I hope the Mayor of Shriveport gives this cabbie a medal. He should be celebrated for doing the right thing and getting two more animals off the street. But have no fear, they'll be out eventually. Back on the street to rob, steal and murder.

I hope the next person they meet is armed and takes care of business.


Crimefile said...

This happened in a state where the law-abiding have a level playing field with armed criminals. In Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and a few other places criminals are protected with gun laws only the law-abiding obey.

It’s time to demand a must issue concealed weapon permit program everywhere.

Rue St. Michel said...

I borrowed the phrase "Mugger Protection Act" from you, Paul. Hope you don't mind. Imitation, afterall, is the sincerest form of flattery.