04 September 2006

A Good Laugh

Steve Erwin, the intrepid Crocodile Hunter, died yesterday from injuries sustained while deep sea diving. He apparently was stung by a Stingray.

All I can say is ... ha...ha....ha....ha....ha....ha !!!!

That guy dodged death more times than an Iraqi fighter jet. It was simply a matter of time.

To go out like you lived is a triumph - sometimes though, it's just stupid.

1 comment:

Sabian said...

Rue, I love the cover pic. Looks like he is humping the croc. Ha!

When my kids were younger we used to watch his show and it was always good for a laugh.

I can't wait for someone to do a parady on a comedy show and have him be "The Crackhead Hunter".......'By crockie, a 2 flat missing aluminum siding and th only thing left behind is a little steel wool and a burnt metal pipe. We're on the trail of a species known as a lowlife drug addict. yes, the crackhead! Distinguishable by rapid feets, burnt lips, nappy hair and wild, darting eyes!!!!"

Too bad for Steve though. He lived for a thrill and died doing what he loved. Too bad for the wife and kids.