27 September 2006

Europe shows its cowardice

The NYTimes and Chicago's own Slum Times are reporting that an opera house in Germany has decided to cancel a performance of Mozart's Idomeneo out of fear.

The fear is that Muslims will burn, riot and murder - the things that they currently do best - because the opera has a scene in which the Prophet Mohammed is decapitated. By the way, the opera also shows the Buddha, Jesus and Poseidon (the god of the sea in Greek mythology) having their heads cut off too.

Eurabia, is your burqa showing?

I remember being in grade school when the Nazis marched in Marquette park. My civics teacher told us that it was important to allow the Nazis to march because if you interfered with one faction's freedoms, it impacted all of our freedoms. She was virulently anti-Nazi. Her husband was one of the first US Soldiers in WWII to arrive at Bergen-Belsen and she, unbelievably so, began quietly weeping as she described for us the smells, the death and the inhumanity that he encountered there. I say it was unbelievable in the sense that this teacher was one tough cookie and to see her cry over something really had an impact on us.

That was an important lesson and we, as a culture, have forgotten that eliminating our freedom of expression is tantmount to eliminating freedoms for all of us. We have devolved, in large part, because of political correctness. As I have said many times, PC has two pillars: Fear and Totalitarianism.

We can see how the Liberals in europe have opened their borders and their arms and welcomed Africans and Muslims from all over and what do they get for their charity? Terrorists strapping bombs to themselves and blowing up innocents, outcries from Muslims for "more more more", higher unemployment because most of these immigrants are unskilled, and a continuing campaign of guilt in order to keep the majority giving in to Muslim's temper tantrums.

What a deal!

No Pasaran! has a piece on EU chief Jose Barroso - who is one of the few in Eurabia who are willing to criticize the nonsense they're seeing from their european colleagues:

Being polite to barbarians only works if they listen and follow an example. Rampaging fools who would shoot a nun don’t. European Commission chief Jose Manuel Barroso, the only senior figure in the EU who appears to have a spine, chides Euro-leaders for caving in on the Pope in the usual Euro-manner:

"To attack the Pope because he referred to a historical document in a speech is fully unacceptable," said Mr Barroso.
"I was disappointed that there weren't more European leaders who said: of course the Pope has the right to express his views. The problem is not his remarks, but the reactions of the extremists."
Asked why European politicians had been so reluctant to support the Pope, Mr Barroso said "Perhaps because there is concern about a possible confrontation. And sometimes [there is] a sort of political correctness: that one is only being tolerant when placing the opinion of others above one's own. I am very in favour of tolerance, but we should stand up for our values."

They also report that two police officers were lured into a trap and attacked by Muslims. Both are alive but were severely injured. As they wrote over at their blog, "The French put the fisting in Pacifist":

Look what sprung up around Paris while the French were declaring themselves to be a radical pacifist society. Fears of new unrest for the French. Hey faggots, where is that Resistance bullshit that you pluck out of thin air and declare to be real every time it suits you?

The religion of peace is everything but peaceful.

All Muslims are not terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslim, c'est certain. Borders, language and culture - protect them with your lives!


Anonymous said...

Let's not forget the Timothy McVeighs and Terry Nichols of the world. The Bhader-Meinhoff gang,the IRA,and many others. Terrorists come in ALL races and religions. Organizations such as Al Quieda and Hammas are the main threats for now,but the art of terrorism is not the sole property of the Muslims. We as a country can't afford to have tunnel vision. Profiling has it's place in this war, But let's not condemn each and every muslim for the actions of some. hunt down ALL terrorists and eliminate them wherever they may be.

Sabian said...

I have a friend and also a relative serving overseas.....in Europe. Recently they made trips to various parts of Europe and said that the amount of anti-USA and anti USA backng countries protests and VOLUMES of people demonstrating was downright scary. However, the alarming part is how little of that is being revealed to us here in the USA. The european leaders and police back way off and allow them to work themselves upinto a frenzy. Looks like Europe has long forgotten who saved them from Nazi domination.