18 September 2006

Dispatcher, thy name is Incompetence

I heard from a friend who works in a Zone 12 district, that the dispatcher who comes on board at 2200hrs each night is a piece of work. She routinely gives erroneous information, mistakenly puts out duplicate jobs, puts people on Domestic disturbances when they're, in fact, going to get gas and has no compunction about giving the guys a paper job (or worse) 15 minutes before they're scheduled to go home. She has given my buddy the following jobs at the listed hours:
* a house fire at 2218
* a domestic with a drunken father who had beaten up his daughter (off the beat) at 2225 which resulted in an arrest
* a car on fire at 2215 (what if there was a dead body in the trunk?)

and a litany of other jobs which she could well have held for the midnight crew to handle.

The troops are getting sick and tired of putting up with her less-than-caring performance, her pissy attitude and her clueless and inattentive work ethic. They, I'm told, have resorted to playing music on the air, saying silly things and making some crass remarks. Granted it is not a professional way to air your grievances but - this is the police department afterall.

SO, WHAT - We can't act alittle goofy once in a while????

Well the reason I'm writing this is because one of the sergeants (who shall remain nameless, to protect the guilty) decided to call the watch into checkoff and, when they were all gathered around, decided to launch into a tirade about how he knows the zone is rife with incompetent people who, instead of working at OEMC, should be somewhere flipping burgers. And he continues by saying, "but when 'you guys (the watch) get on the air with this nonsense' it just makes it that much more difficult to address the issues with the dispatchers. He claims that he'd been calling up there and making complaints about the dispatchers "for some time."


My question is this : If the sergeants are complaining about the dispatchers' lack of knowledge, skills and ablilities, then what is happening? I can answer that: Nothing.

Obviously their complaining is doing no good - the laziness, the incompetence and the haughty attitude is still working up there sending CPD units to jobs and, sometimes, endangering officers' safety and lives.

I would counsel the officers on that Zone to continue with their on-air taunts. It seems that at least THAT makes the white shirts and the dispatchers perk up and listen.

It'd be nice to hear that a sergeant took the side of the officers and actually did something about it, instead of dumping on the guys and gals who are working for him. I hope a couple of the officers get CI numbers on that dispatcher. She needs to go find other work.

ps. If anyone knows where I can get a Club Gibbons bumper sticker, please leave a comment on this blog.


Sabian said...

Rue, if I may offer another suggestion.....Aside from on air attention, what about the dispatcher blog?..... Maybe the guys and gals from 015/025 can voice it there. I hear supervisors read it. Maybe someone with a heart and a conscious will step up.

Rue St. Michel said...

Thanks Sabian - I didn't know there was a Dispatcher's Blog. I'll do a search and dig it up.

I don't know if there's any hope since Trotter took over. He's just Daley's lapdog and hasn't changed much since he took over.

Oh well. ... . what's a blog for if you can't bitch once in a while --- or all the time, for that matter!