19 September 2006

Catholic Nun murdered in Somalia

Muslims and Islam have a propensity for violence. It is no accident that it is called The Religion of Death. It is tantamount to death worship.

An elderly Catholic Nun, Sister Leonella Sgorbati, was murdered by a Muslim gunman. Here's what Dhimmi Watch had to say about Tariq Ramadan, a "moderate" Muslim spokesman:

He wants to see the islamization of Europe. He thinks that Europeans suffer from a “spiritual emptiness” and that they are ripe for wonderful Islam. He has said that “the West is in decline, and the Arab-Islamic world is on the road to renewal” — yet that “renewal,” he believes, will take place when Islam conqueres, through his kind of Da’wa. His Da’wa, of course, is far more cunning, with far more roses than guns, than the Da’wa of Qaradawi, or of Sheikh Tantawi, and of course than the threats of Bin Laden, Zarqawi, et al.

But the goal of Ramadan is the goal of Bin Laden and indeed of all Believers: the victory of dar al-Islam over dar al-Harb, the removal of all obstacles in the dar al-Harb to the spread of Islam, and the subjugation of all non-Muslims — who will be subjugated, as they have always been subjugated over 1350 years of Muslim conquest (with not a single exception anywhere) and, as dhimmis (where not killed or converted outright), subject to a permanent status of humiliation, degradation, and physical insecurity.

The pope spoke the truth and now these Muslim animals are using the excuse of being "insulted" to murder and kill. You can't have a rational discussion with these types. They are only interested in establishing a caliphate - either you submit and convert or die. That is the end-game for Islam. Get used to it - we're in for a long ride with these Jihadi pukes.

Meanwhile, our own capitulator Dhimmis are busy blaming Bush, Cheney, the war in Iraq and Israel for all the world's problems. .....talk about projecting your own issues onto other people! Islam, heal thyself!

See here for more death threats from the "religion of peace" and a full accounting on the true face of Islam.

One of the world's most militant Islamic sects is the Muslim Brotherhood. Check out their website.

Know thy enemy.


CPDSpicoli said...

What gets me is that the majority of these Islamic leaders hate the West and all have come to the West to study. Why do Muslims around the world leave there perfect contries and come to ours demanding we understand them The reason is that liberals have made it that way. If there county was so great ,why leave it? In all honesty what have these people contibuted to make the world a better place. I can't think of any thing in the past 100 years. Other than terrorism and hate if you don't believe as they do. I say kill them all! That's what they would do to us if they had the chance. I am not Catholic or act like a modle Christian. But to kill a Nun,an old women for what she believes and stands for. The religion of peace I think not!

Rue St. Michel said...

You should read Londonistan by Melanie Philips. She puts it all into a wonderful perspective. What the Brits have is that London is the world HQ for extremist jihadi Islam.Imams preach hate from the mosques - even store weapons in them. The authorities do nothing and even worse, block extradition efforts to get terrorists who are now "British citizens".

The Brits did it to themselves by having open borders, unchecked immigration (anyone who claimed to be persecuted in the country of origin qualified for asylum, with full welfare benefits), and ubiquitous Political Correctness in which the majority culture was vilified and degraded and every little minority group was given power over the majority through an activist court --- Sound familiar?

We're already well down that road. The only thing the British don't have, and something that works greatly in our favor, are bloggers and talkradio.

Muslims want to remain insular socially and culturally but want to assimilate economically - just like a significant portion of illegal immigrants. They want the spanish, the benefits and the ability to hide out in their cultural enclaves while living different lives here as Americans. It is disgusting.

Lock down the borders and make english mandatory!

Thanks for the comment.

malachi6515 said...

what religon promotes violence ? islam

why should the pope even have to apologize for quoting from an ancient text ! the byzantine emporeor knew back then this relgion was dangerous

Coldtype said...

More neo-con fantasies about a "war of civilizations". How do you account for international opinion polls across the political spectrum that consistently confirm that most Europeans, to say nothing of the rest of the world, consider US foreign policy to be the gravest threat to peace on earth?

Most Europeans sympathize with the plight of Muslims suffering under US/Israeli aggression. Again, I ask you to reflect on the studies of world public opinion. As far as Muslims are concerned, this "clash of civilizations" will likely end as soon we remove our blood-soaked hands from their affairs.

I have begun to write on these and related subjects at lenth on my own site. Debate is welcome. Stay safe.

Rue St. Michel said...

We aren't the cause of these atrocities committed in the name of Islam. As much as Eurabia and US leftists would like you to believe that Bush, Cheney and the Jews are to blame for all of the "muslim outrage" around the world. That is nothing more than an excuse to do their murdering.
They [Muslims} have been murdering in the name of their god for alot longer than Israel's been around. I'm no fan of Israel but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that mujahadeen terrorists don't need much of a push to do their bloody deeds.
Your comments show that your ignorance of history and the dynamics of world politics is significant.