06 September 2006

3 Cheers for Assassination!

In the 28Aug06 issue of National Review, Michael Rubin, in his essay An Arrow in Our Quiver, makes the case that the US should consider using assassinations as a tool in our on-going campaign against Islamic Jihadists.

Just think about it. If British Forces had succeeded in killing Hitler, and not just Reinhard Heydrich, during WWII, millions of people would have been saved. During the war, Britain trained assassins to do covert operations. Link here. Two Czechs, trained by the Brits, succeeded in killing Heydrich - Hitler's right hand man and the creator of the concentration camps.

As Rubin points out, the world "community" (ie. The Libtard Simpletons) is becoming less and less tolerant of civilian casualties during major operations. The Lebanese Prime Minister decried Israel as a "savage war machine" because its Lebanese operation against Hezbollah resulted in about 1,000 casualties.

Of course, the Liberal, clueless handwringers on the collective Left condemn counterterrorism actions but turnaround and give terrorists more freedoms. Look at how the LibTards are whining about surveillance and the FISA restrictions. They want Bush to go to court to get a warrant everytime that our computers track a phone conversation. With hundreds of thousands of calls, it'd be virtually impossible. Leave it to the DefeatOcrats to make more red tape and beaurocratic bedlam, even in the midst of a war. As another case in point, in 2002 the United Nations Human Rights Commission passed a resolution endorsing "All available means, including armed struggle" to establish a Palestinian state. They are, in effect, condoning terrorism.

Even though we've seen Islamic fighters using hit and run, guerilla tactics; not wearing a uniform, employing IEDs, blending in with and employing "human shields" (ie. women and children), Rubin correctly points out that the mantra among foreign-policy elites of fighting terrorists just creates more terrorists, is just plain wrong.

Killing terrorists and their leaders severely disrupts their organizations. When a operational commander gets taken out, his subordinates look at their former leader's smoking shoes and are forced to face the fact that their decision to continue fighting may result in their untimely death.

In Israel, the targeting of terrorist operatives and ideologues did stop the violence. It was PM Ariel Sharon's decision to pull out from the Gaza strip that caused the reemergence of intifadah .... the Palestinians recognized that they could get a bigger bag of goodies through violence than through peaceful diplomacy.
Any individual, be he a guerrilla or a state official, who is involved in planning terrorist attacks is a combatant and, according to international law, a legitimate target.

Regular readers know my attitudes towards political correctness. It is a scourge of totalitarianism that has no place in our culture. Part of the PC crowd's latest harangues is how the law gets injected into our counterterrorist operations. First it shouldn't be applicable. The terrorists are 'unlawful military combatants' and do not have protections under Article 3 of the Geneva Convention. But we saw the ACLU blow a breach into that with the court case of Ramsey Usef.

When Usef went to trial for the 1993 bombing of the WTC, his defense team, through Discovery, found out that part of the way that the Feds knew Usef was involved was by cellphone call tracking. When Bin Laden read that in the newspaper, he quit using his cellphone. That was one more tool we had at our disposal that the Law Profession has taken away from us.
Some commentators resort to the argument that assassination would lower Washington to the standards of a rogue regime, but such moral equivalency falls flat. The aim, after all, of any Washington-sanctioned assassination would be not to terrorize, but to obviate the need for a more destructive military campaign against an adversary. By giving the president an additional policy tool he might use before inaugurating a military campaign, assassination might even prevent war.

The fact is that many of these Islamic Jihadis need to be dealt with militarily - through tribunals and secret prisons. Giving them constitutional rights and due process is a joke. Nowhere else in the world do rogue states and dictators give enemy combatants due process. The only thing you'd get if caught on Syrian soil with a pistol in your pocket and a Christian bible in your backpack would be a quick trip to the nearest open field and a bullet in the back of your head. That's the price we are paying for having a free and open society. But I think that real damage is not that we live in a free country but that we have quisling, cowardly leadership. People like Dick Durbin, Murtha and John McCain are doing everything in their power to give aid and comfort to the enemy while demonizing our own troops and this administration. It is all a power play. They have no shame and will do whatever they can, including giving suckle to the murderous Islamic terrorists, in order to get into a position of power.

So bring back assassination. JFK couldn't kill Castro, though he pushed his mafioso colleagues and CIA operatives, to do it. That was because JFK was an incompetent boob who had his mind elsewhere most of the time. It is hard to make policy decisions clearly when a 19 year old White House page is astride your loins. But it looks like it may be time to bring it home. But good luck doing it. I don't see many legislators with the backbone or the brains to pull it off.

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