26 August 2006

Thanks for your continued readership

I've had some personal/homelife issues to deal with lately and, also a boat load of court. Something had to give and my blog was the first to go!

I just wanted to thank the steady stream of readers who continue to visit and leave comments. I appreciate and value your input and your taking the time to visit.

We're coming up on the Katrina 'disaster' and the 9/11 Anniversary. I'll be sure to post something on each so program your GPS to take you to Rue St. Michel. I can guarantee a smooth ride.


Sabian said...

You were missed but I was sure you hadn't folded down the tent......or got deported.

I enjoy this blog and the comments of those who visit....even when I dissent or have to read something that was posted that pisses me off. Which is rare.

It would be great if more people posted. Tell your friends!!!!!!

Great topics Rue.....Never a dud.

Anonymous said...

Glad your back since you are 1 of my almost daily reads.

M. Seiser said...

It's been good to see you at court.

Rue St. Michel said...

Thanks guys!

M. Seiser wouldn't let me give up my blog. He'd give me a roundhouse kick if I even thought about it!