01 August 2006

Operation Save America

The immoral equivalency crowd over at Salon is at it again.

When Christians get together - you can bet that the LibShits will get their collectivist panties in a bunch.

The writers at Salon have decided, in their infinite wisdom, that the most important issue that is threatening the safety and security of America is, let's see - murderous Islamic extremists?


...the flood of illegal immigrants?


...vouchers for parents that send their kids to private schools?


...Al Gore's science fiction drama known as Global Warming?

Uh, no.

It is ~ gasp! and horror!~ Christians who demonstrate at abortion clinics.

The LibTards on the Left are not the peace loving hippies that they'd have you believe. The media are masters of spin and
they'd woven a tale of compassion, tolerance, political correctness and caring that everyone has bought in to.

The truth is they are a tolerant bunch - if - you agree with them. If you so much as sneeze around them with a different belief, you'll see first hand how tolerant they are. Religion offers us a standard, most of us fall short of it. Sadly the Left are mostly secular and just don't understand how someone can have a deep religious faith. They equate deep faith with bigotry and intolerance.

So it is funny (tragically so) to see the LibShits getting mad at Christians. Typically, the leftists at Salon save their most potent vitriol for Christianity. When was the last time a group of Christians blew themselves up in a crowded marketplace? When did a Christian kidnap and behead grammar school girls? When did Christians blow up a nightclub, or drag a tennis player and coach out of car and murder them because they wore shorts?

The quislings on the Left don't have a good, clear perspective on what is going on in the world. They are the Hate America crowd and immediately jump on Christians as the cause of hatred and intolerance.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

I am pro-choice. And I understand and support a woman's right to choose an abortion. What I don't like about Roe vs. Wade is that it was invented out of thin air by a group of activist judges on the Supreme Court. They took the constitution and decided to create a right to privacy out of it and extented that 'right' to abortion rights. Before Roe vs. Wade, twenty seven states already had abortion as legal. So what was the big deal? The big deal is that the Leftists saw a chance to get their foot in the door and make laws to fit their agendas when they couldn't (and still can't) make it happen at the ballot box. For all intents and purposes, they don't need to get a majority to vote for a law - they just hand off the proposal Ruth Bader Ginsburg and let her, or one of her ilk, run with it.

Activist judges have been a scourge of late and the trend is disheartening. The Kehoe case demonstrated very clearly how bad it is getting.

So let the Christians assemble and demonstrate. You might not agree with them but you can't deny that they do alot of good in the world.

Give me a group of Christians over a group of Mulims, any day. At least the Christians practice what they preach - peace and love.


Sabian said...

Some of these people have way too much time on their hands.

I would have liked to see their "brainstorm" list before they settled on this issue.

Rue St. Michel said...

Ha! I just checked and this piece is linked over at Technorati. I'm sure some libTard blogger is already hammering away at the keyboard in response to my criticisms. It is funny to see how worked up the Left gets about religion. For a group who, collectively, claims that they don't care one way or another, they sure expend alot of energy going after it.

As usual Sabian, thanks for the thoughtful commentary.