26 August 2006

Dallas hospital spends 22.4 million on Illegals

The Houston Chronicle reports that Parkland Memorial hospital forked out $22.4 Million last fiscal year on illegals.

Even more shocking, the Feds are pumping $250 Million into Texas per year to help cover the cost of treating illegals. There are about 610 hospitals in Texas. Granted, not all hospitals are public nor for-profit but, on average if all the hospitals spent that amount of money per year, the cost would be $1.34 Trillion throughout the state.

I went to a local hospital that treats illegals and many of the prisoners that "take ill" when in custody. I wanted to know how much that the hospital spends each year on treating these people. After 3 phone calls and 2 visits, I quit. It was a stone wall. I couldn't get an answer. I'm not surprised as that hospitals are not forthcoming with the information because they don't want to be labelled 'racist'. As a good liberal should do, they just suck it up and apply their medical trade with equanimity and fairness. Nevermind that our insurance rates continue to climb, our property taxes continue to go up (33% this year) and our schools are getting worse by the month.

Many hospitals are billing the patient's country of origin for the medical services that are provided .. that is a step in the right direction. A more important step would be to build a fence and put our military at the border, with bayonets fixed and pointing south ... that would guarantee a significant drop in illegal immigration.

Other coppers already know this but for you Mr. or Miss Average Citizen - go sit in the Branch 2 call at 26th and California (Felony Traffic Court) and see who fills the gallery. You'll see all the people who "come to do the jobs that Americans won't do" sitting there, requesting a translator and tying up the courts, jails and administrative services.

I can't wait to read Buchanan's State of Emergency.

The Visigoths are at the gate and they're pushing "elotes" carts!


Sabian said...

I attended the National Gang Crime Research Center's international gang Specialist Conference a couple weeks ago here in Chicago and sat in one workshop on cross border gangs entering USA. MS13 and their ties in Central America and Mexico. One preseter, a reputable investigator from Monmouth NJ had powerpoint slides of National Guard from Washington State at the Mx. border long before Bush announced sending them there. Secondly, border incursions are up by men in Mexican Army uniforms. Are they soldiers, muscle for drugrunners or coyotes? (If you need to know what that is, then go to another blog!)
The resources we spit out as a country are ridiculous. Including picking up the check for the health & welfare of illegals.....and NO they are not immigrants. There is a difference here.
My kid wants to be a doctor and is a fairly good athlete. I work 2 jobs to help her with her dream. Yet I want to clunk heads whenI see these deadbeats learning how to milk the system. Part of the problem is also the illega ID's. Most employers have no clue what to look for in a bogus document. When these hospitals start billing countries for people who don't exist....because they live here as someone else, we'll be stuck again. Next thing you know they will be issued medical debit cards. And really, is Mexico gonna pay out?...I can't even get stuff right with my well established insurance carrier. Get some air ambulances and ship them back across the border for their medical attention. Some of my suggestions may be illogical and unreasonable.....that is the beauty of my satire here. It's as ridiculous as the ideas and viewpoints of our politicians.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the majority of the rants on this blogsite but this is a problem that will be solved only one way. Prosecute ANY AND ALL bussinesses who hire illegal aliens. Make background and I.D checks MANDATORY. Those criminals who forge and/or provide documents such as I.D's and Soc.Security cards should be given long lengthy prison sentences. And last but not least, LET'S GET SERIOUS ABOUT BORDER SECURITY!(Both north and south.) But as long as these illegals help the bottom line of the rich Washington will stand idylly by while we're overrun. I don't know what we can do to take our country back,but we need to do something and soon.

Rue St. Michel said...

I just took another report for some poor slob who's social security number was used by an "undocumented" worker last year. "Pablo Lopez" to earn about 16,000 dollars last year working for some landscaper in Schaumburg, IL.

We are on a terrible path with this illegal immigration reform ... on the one hand we are making it easier for them to come here and stay but on the other hand, we're going to have to overlook some serious breaches in our legal system. In the example above, Pablo committed a crime - not just by entering the US illegally but by working with a fake social security number. Now we've generated another report, another person has been victimized and another illegal gets to make tax free money and get away with it. Where is the justice? Where is the fairness????