04 August 2006

Cuba libre! Uh, not yet...

Fidel Castro's mouthpiece, Rogelio Polanco, editor of the Communist youth newspaper Juventud Rebelde is warning the US to stay out of Cuba's affairs in the wake of news that Fidel is gravely ill. Maybe all those years of Fidel's womanizing, debauchery and rape are finally catching up to the Cuban dictator.


The mantra of "the revolution will continue!" has been the rallying cry on state-sponsored (state suppressed) news over the last week or so. The "revolution" was effectively quashed in 1959 by Fidel's own campaign of brutal suppression and murders. After Fidel became Supreme Leader, the first thing he did was purge all the 'counter-revolutionaries' from the island - mostly the intelligentsia and liberals. (Hey Lefties ---- take note!)

Fidel has done his fair share of horrible things - including kidnapping, murder, hijacking and arms shipments to countries in a civil war. Luck had much to do with Fidel getting into a power position in Cuba. Batista caught him but then let him go, only to have Fidel return with some commandos who were all in exile in Mexico. Batista made the mistake of being too harsh on the populace which caused a backlash of negative feelings towards the incumbent - resulting in more and more support for Fidel and his revolutionarios. After taking power Fidel delayed communicating his communist leanings to the world (thus causing Eisenhower to delay removing him from office) and was finally pushed over the edge and into full-blown Marxist ideology by Che Guevera.

I've been reading "The Dark SIde of Camelot" by Seymour Hersch. It is an eyeopener for those of you who think that JFK was a good, decent guy and an even better president. It just shows how easy it is to dupe the populace when you've got the money and the media connections to do it.

I don't want to get into a whole Kennedy rant but I'd like to share some backstory on JFK in regards to Fidel Castro.

Kennedy, like Clinton, was only concerned about his legacy. And just like Clinton, Kennedy was acting out sexually while in office. In fact, JFK's health issues included a decade long bout of chlamydia infection. Jacqueline Kennedy's long history of miscarriages and still-births were due to being repeatedly infected with STD's by her husband. While JFK was talking tough to the public about Cuba and Soviet influence in the Western Hemisphere, he was secretly plotting to have Castro assassinated with help from his mafia friends and CIA covert ops department. The plan was codenamed ZR/RIFLE. It's not common knowledge but the Bay of Pigs would have succeeded if JFK had allowed a second sortie of B26 bombers to wipe out the Cuban air force. In fact that was the deciding factor on why the Bay of Pigs failed. US Naval forces were off the coast of Cuba to rescue survivors and were within visual range of the battle but were forbidden to intervene by the White House. Part of the plan was to have Castro assassinated right before the invasion. It didn't work out that way. Although the CIA's "dirty tricks" deparment developed poison cigars, poison tablets and even sent him a hankerchief impregnated with a poison or nerve agent, nothing got through to Fidel.
To further highlight how JFK's miscreant behavior clouded his judgement and made HIM a national security threat, at the height of the Bay of Pigs fiasco JFK was given a 600,000 unit dose of penicillin to treat a "burning sensation" and "mucus discharge" eminating from his penis. The Bay of Pigs was coordinated from the White House, not from a military command center - the military and its generals were out of the loop. JFK and his brother did all the coordination and, two years later, were secretly negotiating with Kruschev through a KGB intermediary over the missile crisis. JFK talked tough in public but in private was giving in to the soviet's demands and making secret agreements with them. When JFK met with Kruschev in Paris, he told Kruschev that the US would use nuclear weapons against Russia. Kruschev's reply was, "So what?" In effect he showed what a better statesman he was by calling JFK on the bluff. JFK later said that he was shaken by the premier's reply - as if "he [Kruschev] didn't care about the loss of life," he said. Welcome to the world of reality, JFK! The Kennedys thought, through arrogance and ignorance, that if they were allowed to be in charge of the whole diplomatic exchange, they could resolve the problems with the soviets. All they did was strengthen Russia's position in the world.

It is too bad the Castro wasn't murdered. It would have meant one less tyrant in the world. I only hope that Cuba is libre very soon. I can't wait to buy my first box of cigars!


dilligaf said...

Amen, Rue. Won't have to drop a grand to go to Mexico just to enjoy a 6 dollar cuban on the beach....

Shadi said...

I love it! You've got Nero in office, Rome is burning- so what do you read? A book on JFK, and you're STILL obsessing about Clinton! OMGawd! How myopic. Your Shrub is the "Crawford Camelot" dynasty-in-progress sonny-boy; read a decent fricking newspaper instead (and especially stay away from flopaganda holes like World NUT Daily- those sites are for no-mind knuckledraggers fer chrissakes Rue!). Read some recent Sy Hersch about JFK-Y2K- GEORGE W. BUSH... y'know, CURRENT events that are eyeopeners for those of you who think that the Shrub is ANOTHER "good, decent guy" and an even better president; stuff that shows how easy it is to dupe the populace when you've got the money and the media connections to do it. Bush 43, like Bush 41, LIKE Kennedy, like Clinton, are only concerned about their legacy, the PERCEPTION of their actions (thanx Uncle Karl Rove)- same as it EVER was/will be... BUSH II and JFK are like BIZARRO WORLD mirror images of each other- Separated by Mirth!

Shadi said...

Oh and dilligaf-

Maybe the Cubbies can get some Cuban Pitching if Fidel goes over that great ivy covered outfield wall in the sky...Madre Mi Dios!

ALSO - Check out a great documentary on Cubans struggling to come to Estados Unidas called "BALSEROS" on the DOCumentary Channel on finer narrowcasting systems near you... awesome slice of life/awesome channel!

Anonymous said...

Don't count Fidel out just yet.We're talking about a very clever man who has outlasted nine sitting U.S. presidents and may well watch number ten on HIS way out the door.The "Revolution" may go on little longer than scheduled.(The U.S. schedule that is.)

Anonymous said...

Me thinks he is in a vegetative state like Stroger.