14 August 2006

3 Held in Michigan Terror Plot

Drudge is reporting that 3 Muslim men are being held for plotting to blow up the Mackinac bridge.

In what appears to be a blantant case of racial profiling, authorities were alerted to the three when they went to a Wal-Mart in Michigan and bought 80 pre-paid cell phones. When curbed by police, the van they were in had over 1,000 cellphones in various states of disarray.

Let's continue and escalate our use of racial profiling. We aren't concerned about 80 year old Norwegian grandmothers going around blowing up themselves and innocent people. The typical profile of an Islamic jihadi is male, 17 to 40 years of age, college educated and .... drum roll please! ... Muslim.

I'd like to recommend that Michigan authorities contract Commander Jon Burge to oversee interviews of these three. Then we'd see some results. Send them directly to GitMo.


Sabian said...

Thank YOU! It is what it is!!!!!!

It's beyond time to get tough on these matters.

Some may argue that there is a sprinkling of non-Middle Easterners who have joined their ranks. True. But, the overwhelming numbers are what the correct profile indicates.

And I'll bet no feds are sniffing around in Bridgeview or Burbank?....

R.S.M. said...

Athough it may not come across here, I sincerely appreciate Islamic culture. I love the language, food, the prayer, the history and the simplicity. While I do not always agree with their Jihadist political fringe, there is much to be said for Islam. Allah Be Praised! All my best to you, thanks for your input. May Allah bless you and keep you well!

Your Brother in struggle for justice,

P.O. Rue

Anonymous said...

It's only a matter of time before white islamists from places like Bosnia and Chechnya infiltrate our borders. As well as Asians from countries like Indonesia. Africans from countries like Nigeria. As well as home grown terrorists like Jose Padilla. Don't be so niave as to think these jihadists are ONLY of Arab descent. The world of Islam Knows many races and cultures. we both have probably encountered some in our daily contact with the public.

Sabian said...

True, many different factions exist out there. No doubt America is in trouble. Time to lock the gates of entry to this beautiful country before we lose it. The sad part is, our liberties suffer when these Bozo's start acting up. But, I am all for some profiling. Done properly it can be effective. Sorry! And, I am not a fascist!!!

Some historic "local terrorists"....

The old FALN were pretty well accepted and traversed in circles with the Latin Kings and Latin Folks when they were in IDOC back in the early 80's. They were bomb throwers but for a different cause. We are lucky they didn't morph with the gangs and become the extremists we have come to know from other parts of the globe.

And how can we forget Jeff Fort's band of Fez wearing zombies buying a useless LAWS rocket from undercover feds thinking they were reps of Moamar Quidafi. They were willing to blow jets outta the sky and blow up buildings and kill federal agents....for $$$$$$$$ not a belief. Anyone remember that old theatre on Drexall turned "temple" of the El Rukns?....The Fort.

alice said...

We have seen less and less of these persons who fit the profile up here in 024....ever since M. Seiser came over....

sir donkey said...

Club Gibbons rocks!
Curry is a Goof!

Rue St. Michel said...

The 4:02 post is an imposter, though well done. I do like the simplicity inherent in Islam. Just not much else.

Sir Donkey runs it!

Club Gibbons is always a good time!

Curry is a spice that will always give you heartburn - it is best to stay away from Curry. It smells and leaves a lingering odor under the w/c's desk.

M. Seiser found some Curry in his kitchen cabinet once and roundhouse kicked the small glass bottle through the roof where it attained escape velocity (11.2 kilometres per second) and exited the earth's atmosphere and travelled at 17,000 miles per hour and is currently on a trajectory towards the planet Mars where it will make contact with the sunside portion of the planet and explode with the force of 55 metric tons of TNT upon impact. The dust will take 3 years to settle and NASA engineers are already looking forward to photographing the event.