09 July 2006

World Cup fever: Phuck Phwance!

I'm rooting for Italy to defeat the cowardly, over-medicated, politically correct French.

Any country that awards honorary citizenship to a convicted cop-killer deserves utter derision and enmity.

The Paris city council has named Mumia Abu-Jamal, as an honorary citizen of Paris. Abu-Jamal has been on a U.S. death row in Pennnslylvania for 20 year. The African Amercian journalist was convicted of killing a police officer in a trial that has caused international controversy.

France is losing its heritage, language and culture because of uncontrolled immigration. They are the worlds' High Priest in the church of cultural diversity. You should be able to look at the dismal events that have been happening in France, just over the last few years, and see some alarming warning signals that we have to start dealing with.

As Michael Savage said,"Diversity is Perversity."

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