02 July 2006

Who is SCC?

You really can't blame the coppers who regularly visit Second City Cop blog for being curious about the identity of the blog author. As police officers we are naturally inquisitive and enjoy sleuthing through details in order to confirm our own hunches and intuitions. Is he a white shirt? Does he work at HQ? Is he a beat officer who's been around the city working in different districts? Is he the guy who sits next to me at rollcall every day?

Well whoever he or she is - they do a heck of a job over there. Many people don't realize how much time it takes to put together a blog. If you want to stay topical then that requires a lot of time surfing, updating, reading emails, and of course - typing. If you want to really boil down to the details on a subject then add reading books, magazines and newspapers to the list. If you have a wife, children, a real job and court - then the amount of time you have to devote to blogging is restricted.

I know with this blog I get squeezed for time and just can't get computer time at home. Some nights I only have 30 minutes to do anything online. C'est la vie. And sometimes I just don't have anything to say. I seriously got burned out writing about illegal immigration. I've pretty much given up on that one - looks like Colorado is getting hammered by the MSM for passing laws that restrict illegals from getting social services and other welfare programs which the citizens pay for.


Stay safe!


Anonymous said...

secondcitycop is a posion. a bunch of lazy police officers that are either lazy and or unhaappy on the job and have serious issues at home getting layed.

Anonymous said...

I agree. In fact, they strike me as probably having coming from the breeding ground of malcontent coppers known as the 025th District.

Anonymous said...

no one in 025 is smart enough to have created SCC. SCC seem like a pretty intelligent individual. You can't blame him for the asshats and juveniles that infest his board. He tries to do a good thing and when was the last time anyone from 025 tried to do anything for anyone axcept themselves?

Rue St. Michel said...

We are our own worst enemies - coppers always screw up a good thing.

But it seems like district 025 gets alot of bad press on the blog-board ... what's the deal? Care to expand on why?
I rarely see other districts get mentioned ... it can't be that other coppers in other districts are happier than those in 025. I'd have to say that maybe the cops in 025 are just more vocal.

Anonymous said...


Sabian said...

SCC is an enigma.........

For the first poster: No one is getting laid at home because they are too tired after visiting your wife and Mama!

Lazy? Unhappy?....It's called PTSD and not being thanked for a thankless job. Now go back to your kiddie porn surfing.

Rue St. Michel said...

Ignore 6:43 - obviously an another illiterate civilian troll.

Well said anyway, Sabian. As usual your commentary is insightful and stinging.