19 July 2006

Raquel Welch

I remember my Dad taking me to the old Chelton Theater at 8100 S. Commercial (it's now a "Make-Believe" church) and seeing some classics - Goldfinger, Doctor No, One Million BC, Bambi, and Charlie the Lonesome Cougar. to name just a few. I'll never forget seeing Raquel Welch romping around wearing a fur bikini in One Million BC. I can remember just thinking that she was the prettiest woman I'd ever seen. She had that Sophia Loren figure and that on screen haughtiness that just tugged at Men's hearts - and nether regions.

I saw this picture reprinted on the back page of last sunday's Chicago Tribune Magazine and it brought back the memories of Miss Raquel (born: Jo Raquel Tejada)

I can almost smell the sweet scent of sunshine and hay.



Sabian said...

Yes, she was the real deal! Her and Bridgette bardot was HOT! I remember sweating in all that hot ass garb as an alter boy, holding the book for the priest to read with sweat rolling off my face. Somehow my mind would wander to Raquel Welch.....go figure! There I am during mass fantasizing about the hottest woman in America at the time. Sadly, padre was probably fantasizing about ME!

leomemorial said...

Rue, wasn't she in the Pirelli calendar?????