14 July 2006

Radio: ManCow Fired

UPDATE: It hurts me to inform you that ManCow is back on the air. The mental midgets who run WLS radio, decided to bump Jerry Agar and install ManCow and most of his "morning madhouse" crew.

I still stand by every word I said back in 2006 about Mancow. I've listened to a few days of him and it's the same old-same old.

Some news on the culture front:
WKQX (Q101 FM) announced that they would not renew ManCow Muller's contract effective July 11, 2006.

He gone!

Good riddance!

I used to commute to work - putting upwards of 250 miles per week on my car. I listened to the radio most of the time and I'd switch between ManCow and Howard Stern, depending on my mood. I quickly got sick of listening to the ManCow show. The superficiality of the cast and the skits, the barely-funny phone pranks and ManCow Muller's own incessant, adolescent mewlings was barely tolerable. None of the material was original or funny. Sure, he had spontaneous moments during some phone interviews but even those interviews seemed overly contrived and wooden. ManCow seems to have taken a page directly from the world of professional wrestling when developing his show. There were characters that fit into unique categories. He had Al Roker (angry black man), Love Cheese (asian), Prison Bitch (slackjawed GenX white kid), Turd (Fat, stupid Italian mope), Brian the Whipping Boy (gay intellectual), Ryan the gay Mexican (latino), Sludge (Heavy metal dude), Yelling Guy (yells), and Ballz (hooligan). The characters would play off each other in predictable ways. There was always plenty of toilet humor, sexual gags, innuendo and screaming. Sometimes the skits would be overdubbed and you'd only hear these skits and other advertisements for 30 minutes straight. Then ManCow would jump in and proclaim, "All I have is my bible and my glock. That's all I need."

And then there was all the nonsense between him, Steve Dahl and Howard Stern. Each one was beating his own chest and proclaiming how the others were no-talent pretenders.

That got real old, real quick.

One memorable (but not funny) segment of the show when the host was speaking about a current controversy between Billy Corgan (Smashing Pumpkins) and Jim Derogatis (Chicago Sun-Times music critic) in which Corgan had taken offense at a less-than-impressed review of "Gish" by Derogatis. Corgan faxed a letter to Derogatis and banned him from any future Pumpkins' shows. Here is what is posted over at Derogatis' website:

Corgan felt that I'd "betrayed" him with some of my criticisms in the piece titled "Smashing Pumpkins Carve Out Their Niche" -- and a Virgin publicist subsequently told me that he'd never speak to me again, nor would I be welcome at future Pumpkins shows. At the Chicago gigs that followed, including one broadcast on live radio, Corgan endearingly referred to me from the stage as "that fat f--- from the Chicago Sun-Times," but I attended and reviewed the concerts nonetheless.
Some time later, I faxed Virgin requesting a "bury the hatchet" interview. Corgan faxed me back himself (one of several letters I wanted to include in the book in its entirety, but the publisher's lawyers nixed that idea). "must you continue to prove your nothing but a sniveling, jealous person," Corgan wrote, seemingly averse to capital letters and the rules of grammar. "i'm very sorry for you that you are fat and that your career choice (wire cover band) didn't work out. . . . please try to find a life for yourself, and attempt to reconcile the fact that some people actually like what we do. see you in hell. best wishes / go fuck yourself, billy c."

What ManCow brought out during this show segment was that Derogatis is extremely overweight and that Derogatis' band had issued their own CD. They played some of Derogatis' songs and they were god-awful. The music and lyrics were terrible. One song of his they played had the following lyrics as the main verse: White skin / Black heart / Some nigger overturned my applecart That this guy is a music critic, with no musical talent, is pure irony. Derogatis is still working in the music critique business. He hosts "Sound Opinions" on Sunday nights over at WXRT.

One redeeming quality to ManCow is that I think he's a Republican - but that is unconfirmed. Too bad he didn't bring more political stuff into his show - maybe that would have made a difference.

But at the end of the day all you can say about ManCow and his Morning Madhouse was that it was flat, onedimensional and boring. You can only go so far attracting and keeping people's interest with strippers, fart sounds, and interviews with people who believe that Princess Diana murdered JFK, Jr. It is amazing to me that someone with so much mediocrity made millions of dollars doing it. America: what a great country.

I no longer listen to any "Morning Madhouse" type of shows - I have much better things to do with my time. And now so does ManCow.

Here for the ManCow sucks page. It hasn't been updated for about 5 years but you can see how much of an Ass this guy has been through the years.


Sabian said...

He also had another member of his madhouse named Jim Jesus. He also had some chick he described in his own words back then as being a large Mexican woman. Irma I think was her name. She disappeared one day and he ripped her by using innuendo's. And of course Cowboy Ray used to have another name when he first came on the show. They probably got back feedback for being insensitive.

He did get old very quickly. Now Tom Lykus...not sure of the spelling, on 105.9 in the evening is some good stuff on weeknights.

Anonymous said...

Morons, you should actually listen to the show, the whole show, at least once before you comment on it. Mancow is very political, and does very little of the fart jokes and strippers. His interview skills are his greatest asset, and he created mancowsucks.com, and let the world in on the prank 4 years ago.

Rue St. Michel said...

Hey Ass-wipe ... read the posting before blasting me for criticizing ManCow. I did listen to the show for a number of years. And his interviews were OK, I'll give him that but the other peripheral nonsense on the "morning zoo" format was infantile and tiresome.
There was very little originality in the show and it was glaringly evident.

I stand by my words: Good riddance, ManCow. I hope you find a career that makes you truly happy but if it's another Chicago radio show, I won't be listening.

Puzzled said...

If you haven't heard, ManCow is back in Chicago..