02 July 2006

Quislings Of Yesteryear

George Santayana famously said, “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” He also said, “History is a pack of lies about events that never happened told by people who weren't there.” The second comment is fatalistic and cynical. That phrase seems to be engraved in the collective unconscious of the fools on the Left. The DailyKos and Prisonplanet are rank with conspiracy theories and downright hysterical fabrications about historical events.

History is colored by the views and discretions of the historians who write it and, history is said to be written by the winners. But there are many relevant correlations between the current war in Iraq and WWII. And it is interesting to note that there were many people in the US and Britain who didn't want to get involved in what was slowly being recognized as a Fascist movement in Germany. Winston Churchill, now beloved in conservative circles, was irritating to many of the Brits. They remembered that Churchill had supported and sponsored the failed Dardanelles Campaign. To this crowd Churchill was percieved as a busybody. There were signs posted around London which read, "What price Churchill?" But "Winnie" knew that Germany was rearming. He was warning his countrymen as early as 1935 that Germany was a growing threat. But Neville Chamberlain and his fellow appeasers were content to listen to Hitler's words but continued to ignore his verifiable actions. The people of Britain preferred to listen to appeasers such as Lord Lothian who said "After all, the Germans are only going tino their own back garden [invasion of Rhine area]." Hitler was given the muted go-ahead to invade Austria, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Romania and soon, all of Europe.

And at almost every step along the path to rearmament, Hitler had placating words that were designed to disguise Germany's real intentions. At one point he said, "Germany advocated Peace." At another "Our love for peace is perhaps greater than that of other nations." Hitler was saying exactly what the appeasement doves in England wanted to hear.

When Mussolini decided to send Italian forces into the Suez Canal in order to prove "that the Ethiopians are a barbaric people, sunk in the practice of slavery"- 30,000 Ethiopians were slaughtered. The Council of the League of Nations talked of stopping Il Duce by engaging in an oil embargo. The problem? There was no one around who could enforce such an embargo against the Italians.

Sound familiar?

It should. Our own United Nations, as with the League of Nations, has been shown to be an ineffective force in enforcing international sanctions. While the UN was slapping Saddam on the hand for not allowing inspectors to do their jobs in Iraq, he was turning around and stealing millions from the UN in the "Food for Oil" program.

And just as the Leftist quislings today choose to remain ignorant of the reasons why we went into Iraq, the mouthpieces of the Left continue to deny that Islam is the new facism. Islam is totalitarian to a fault. Thank God that Bush recognized the warning signs and took action. Obviously it saddens me that we have lost thousands of our own men and women in actions over there but the price is worth it. There are bad people in the world and it is our job to root them out and eliminate them before it is too late. Right now we are dealing with North Korea. Are they a threat? You bet. We'll see about them.

So the next time you see MSM outlets like the NYTimes publish information about our secret military and surveillance operations, the location of secret detainment centers and the names of our CIA operatives, just smile. The actions and words of the ignorant fools over at the NYtimes and DailyKos show that their real priority is destabilizing and demoralizing the People of the United States of America. Recognizing the problem puts you halfway to correcting the problem.


Anonymous said...

With all due respect Rue,I think comparing the terrorists of today to the facists regimes of Hitler and Mussolini is a strech.But I will concede that the threat is underestimated by many Americans and the world at large.I still take issue with the President's invasion of Iraq. Only because it was done under false pretensis.I don't beleve for a minute that this administration MISTAKENLY thought Saddam had WMD's. The CIA took the fall for that lie.But I do understand one of the reasons he invaded a soverign country like Iraq.In order to wage a effective war on terrorism America needed a geographic foothold in the Persian Gulf.Afghanistan being landlocked was unsuitable from a strategic point of view.Also to have a prosperous,democratic Arab freind in the region makes it easier to impose our will on that part of the world.The only problem with this plan is,none of the administration thought it all the way through.They failed to take into account the demographics of the region such as the history of the Sunnis,Shites,and Kurds and the hatred/rivalry that exists amongst them. Also,they failed to commit enough military resources to the mission. Rumsfeld against the advice of seasoned generals in the Pentagon went in with a force smaller than what was needed. This is why we were unable to keep the peace afterwards and the insurgency was able to flourish.(That's what happens when you let someone with a corporate mentality run a entity like the military.) The term "less is more" dosen't apply. on top of which they underestimated the resolve of the Iranians and the Syrians to fuel the insurgency and disrupt the transition from a dictataorship to a democracy. If we're sucessful in Iraq,they're next and they know it. This is why Iran has nuclear ambitions,they know it's the only way to keep America from kicking in the front door.But the most reprehensible thing about this whole scenario is the LIES that have been spoonfed to the American public to justify this fiasco. History shows anything built upon a hill of lies and half-truths will eventually crumble. The administration's idea was sound,but there methods suck.There was a better way if this administration had been more patient and done their homework.

Rue St. Michel said...

Well I certainly appreciate you taking the time to leave such a well written explanation. I would only disagree with your premise. I don't believe that the President lied. I think that intelligence was lacking at that time and many other western democracies fell into the trap of believing it as well. After the fact and recently we have found that there Saddam did have WMD's.
What it comes down to for most people is whether you think that there is an underlying nefariousness to political actions. It seems that many people are readily willing to beleive that Rove, Bush and Cheney are some sort of Evil Triumvirate. I don't think that they have the wherewithal nor motivation to be instruments of the Illuminati. It seems like conspiracy creeps are the ones spinning this Bush Derangement Syndrome all out of proportion. Isn't this administration allowed to make errors? Isn't it a good thing that we went into Iraq? Don't you want your government to do whatever it can to keep you and your family safe? I'm willing to give the administration a pass as long as they keep the jihadists at bay - despite the MSM's attempt at demonizing Bush.