18 July 2006

"Papers??? We don't need no stinking papers!!!"

"Papers? We ain't got no papers. We don't need no papers! I don't have to show you any stinking papers!!"

I haven't commented on illegal immigration for awhile but couldn't contain myself after reading this piece that was posted over at Michelle Malkin's website.

As Michelle correctly points out, "The sense of illegal alien entitlement is swelling." She reports that an undocumented, illegal alien fired a pistol and attacked construction site workers with baseball bats when he was asked by the site's foreman to provide proof of citizenship.

Shots were fired at a Hamilton Twp. construction site in Warren County Friday and the owner of a construction company beaten in retaliation for the firing of an undocumented worker, according to
Hamilton Twp. police.
Police responded to a “shots fired” call around 1 p.m., in which the male caller told them “Mexicans were shooting at him.”
Two men were injured, according to police, after the man who earlier had been fired from a construction company allegedly returned with about eight other men — armed with three handguns and several baseball bats.

Steve Malanga at City Journal reports on how the importation of unskilled illegal immigration hurts our economy. From his article :

Since the mid-1960s, America has welcomed nearly 30 million legal immigrants and received perhaps another 15 million illegals, numbers unprecedented in our history. These immigrants have picked our fruit, cleaned our homes, cut our grass, worked in our factories, and washed our cars. But they have also crowded into our hospital emergency rooms, schools, and government-subsidized aid programs, sparking a fierce debate about their contributions to our society and the costs they impose on it.

Well worth the read.


Sabian said...

Shit, I can't even get a fucking shopping cart at Sam's Club in Cicero anymore.

And, if you go south of the Sam's store in the same lot, by the McDonalds in the morning, ALL the fucking illegals are out there waiting for someone to give them some cash $$$$$$$$$ day labor.

Here's what I've got to say to these "let's give the illegals a pass" pussies.....


Rue St. Michel said...

I agree - I'd even like the INS to sweep over to Belmont and Milwaukee at 6am on any given day and deport the 200 Polacks that are waiting around for a day labor job.

Ship 'em back!

Sabian said...

And.......as a follow up to the previous video, here's one we are ALL familiar with.


Sabian said...

Yup, I gotta ask my kids for a polish dictionary for Christmas. The "Archer Invasion" is in full effect. I can't tell ya how many times I have tried to go west of Pulaski on Archer and you would swear there was a 20 car pile up. It's only the Poles trying to cross the street from the bank to go to GilMart and 20 HONDA's.....the preferred wheels of Poles in ChiTilla trying to squeeze into that little damn lot. And they are out there waiting for a bus at fucking 3am! Cocksuckers never sleep!

Yock Sha Mosh Stosh!