31 July 2006

Illegal with 10 kids, illiterate, in poverty - You pay for it!

More insanity out of California with Mexicans crawling across the border, having babies and living off of the government.

An illegal immigrant couple with six children were already living in poverty. Then the quadruplets arrived. They're still in a daze.

With two teenage daughters at home and triplets still in diapers, Angela Magdaleno's family overflowed from a one-bedroom apartment in South Los Angeles that they strained to afford.
Diapers had to be changed 15 times a day, feedings held every three hours. One triplet, 3-year-old Alfredo Jr., needed special attention because he was born with liquid on his brain and partially paralyzed.

Neither Magdaleno nor her husband speaks English, though she has been in the United States 22 years and he 28. Even her teenage daughters speak mostly Spanish; their English vocabulary is limited.
Yet all of Magdaleno's 10 children are U.S. citizens. The triplets receive subsidized school lunches. All the youngsters have had their healthcare bills covered by Medi-Cal, the state and federal healthcare program for the poor.

Alfredo Jr. had been hospitalized all his life until recently. He's had three state-funded brain operations and will require several more, the family said. The couple receive $700 in monthly Social Security payments to help with his medical needs.

~LA Times, July 28, 2006

Meanwhile, Richard "Little DIck" Durbin says that (regarding illegal immigrants) It is ironic that we tell these talented young people to leave and then search the world over for nurses, doctors, scientists and engineers to boost our economy.

I can't wait for Durbin to get kicked out of office for all of his idiotic statements. Show me how many nurses, doctors and scientists are climbing fences in Arizona trying to get into our country? None - Zip - Zero!

According to the CIS : The central premise on which F-4 and similar proposals are based, that there is a shortage of programmers and engineers with graduate degrees, is obviously false. Salaries and jobs have been stable in recent years, showing clearly that there is no shortage of such workers. Indeed, many American programmers and engineers with graduate degrees cannot find work in their field.

Analysis of birth records shows that in 2002 almost one in four births in the United States was to an immigrant mother, legal and illegal, the highest level in American history. In the same year, births to Hispanic immigrants accounted for 59 percent of all births to immigrant mothers. No single cultural/linguistic group has ever accounted for such a large share of births to immigrants. Immigrant mothers are much less educated than native mothers. In 2002, 39 percent of immigrant mothers lacked a high school education, compared to 17 percent of native mothers. And immigrants now account for 41 percent of births to mothers without a high school degree. {all source material is at www.cis.org}

And politicians like McCain, Durbin and Obama continue to take the position that we are in "dire need" of continued, and ramped up, immigration. It is non-sense and dangerous for our country. We are seeing an influx of poor and uneducated people who don't want to be a part of America. They want the higher standards of living. They want the increased salaries. They want the clean water and good roads. They want to continue to speak Spanish. They want to celebrate Mexican independence day but not the Fourth of July. Criminal elements from Mexico are now filling up our jails and terrorizing towns.

Look at this mope who is an "advocate" of illegal immigration rights.

He demanded, on Fox News, that a "national health care reform" be created. The mope's rational for such a lamebrain plan? Because illegals build houses and deliver groceries, therefore they deserve free health care on demand.


Anonymous said...

I say Sheriff Joe for president.

Sabian said...


I am too tired and frustrated to comment on the Illegals....2 dteenage daughters?.. They'll be dropping kids for us to take care of very soon, as well. It's outta control.

Anonymous said...

Amen. Anyone reconsider the idea of aircraft seeding the border with landmines?

no means no and tough said...

Make donations to organizations that are fighting illegal immigration and supporting American citizen's first. You can also utilize their letters and send them to all the liberal mope Pols. You can also send a brick. Or visit the border and assist the Minutemen. Helps with some of the frustrations, enough involved and we might actually force a serious change. I personally don't like seeing uninvited guests eating us out of house and home saying were racist and making ridiculous demands. No is No!

Go home join in and demand that your country gets its own house in order.

Anonymous said...

Border patrol confirms that it is investigating a possible Mexican military incursion.

News 4 has learned that some time Thursday, two National Guardsmen were refueling a light generator, when they spotted six armed men in military uniforms, on the U.S. side of the border.
Aug 4 2006

The Guardsmen, who were not armed called Border Patrol.

By the time air units could check the area, the men were back on the south side of the border.

Border Patrol is investigating this situation.

Anonymous said...

The way to nip all this in the bud is to make a child who is born to a illegal alien as illegal as the mother. The law in question that makes these children American citizens was initially intended for emancipated slaves after the civil war. Since slavery was abolished almost 150 years ago, I think it's safe to say this law has outlived it's usefulness.