09 July 2006

English Close To Giving St. George The Boot

Jihad Watch reports that the Church of England is close to officially rejecting England's patron saint, St George, on the grounds that his image is too warlike and may offend Muslims.

Clergy have started a campaign to replace George with St Alban, a Christian martyr in Roman Britain.
The scheme, to be considered by the Church's parliament, the General Synod, has met a cautious but sympathetic response from senior bishops.
But it clashes with the increasing popularity of the saint and his flag in England. The World Cup brought out millions of St George crosses as the symbol became increasingly mainstream and less frequently dismissed as a badge favoured only by far-Right political activists....

Here is where the utter ignorance of the quisling, dhimmis in England is most apparent.

St. George is a mythic entity. Removing him as a religious icon makes as much sense as taking away the image of the cross because it represents the idea of suffering.

This is utter insanity. The Church is actually considering removing this Saint in order to mollify the feelings of Muslims who immigrated to England and are now living there. The Koran recognizes St. George as a valid religious icon, not that that should matter. Muslims aren't protesting the Flag of St. George, nor are they upset about the image of him slaying a dragon. (hint to Church leaders: there aren't actually dragons in existence - they are mythological entities...nudge, nudge...) It is the Church leaders who are hand-wringing and attempting to "understand" why their Islamic "brethren" are killing, murdering and beheading Infidels. Is it because Muslims feel "offended" by images like St. George? What about St. Martha who tamed a dragon then set it up to guard a dark part of a local forest? Should she be deleted from the "Lives of the Saints" book because Muslims might interpret her conquest of the dragon as an offense against Islam? It is like the story of the blind men who touch different parts of an elephant and declare, unequivocally, that the part that they are touching is what an elephant looks like.

Of course, the Liberals would, and certainly do, ask us to change. They would never ask that Muslims stop murdering in the name of Islam....oh no. The Liberals wouldn't demand that Muslim Clerics issue fatwas that condemn the killing of infidels...oh no. So while the Liberals of the world dance around the issues that we are confronting and walk on eggshells to avoid "offending" Muslims, we are left to just shake our heads at the absolute insanity of the Leftist, Liberal cowards that can't be bothered to take a stand on anything. Their mantra is appease, appease, appease. It makes no difference to the Liberals that the St. George story is not to be taken literally. The dragon is a metaphysical slaying - not a literal one. The dragons guard two things in these stories - gold and virgins. The dragon has no use for either. The dragon is a beast that represents our basest instincts - those of material conquest, sex and power. The hero comes along and slays the beast in order to free an energy. He thus releases boons that help him, the community and the world. It is a story as old as the wind.

It is too bad that the Church of England leadership cannot be bothered to learn high school level mythology. It could save the world if parishoners received the right information from the pulpits of their local churches on Sundays.

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