18 July 2006

Conservative Chicks Are Hot!

New_lauraHow you doin'?

Move over Ann Coulter! A consortium of college women - The Network of Enlightened Women - just launched a new website.

I caught an interview on Laura Ingraham's show today with the spokesperson for NeW.
She says that she initially went to her university's "Womans' Issues" department to see if she could get them to participate in the Conservative Bookclub for women idea and the tolerant, diverse and oh-so-liberal female department director told her, "Not here."
That is Liberal-speak for "Don't let the door hit you on the ass on your way out!"

In September of 2004, a group of students founded the Network of enlightened Women (NeW) at the University of Virginia.  The mission of NeW is to foster the education and leadership skills of conservative university women.  NeW is devoted to expanding the intellectual diversity on college campuses.
NeW was started as a book club.  Members meet biweekly to discuss one book each semester.  Only a semester after NeW was founded at UVa, some students at the College of William and Mary heard about NeW and started their own NeW chapter.


I'm happy to see more people turning off the television and reading more books. What a, um - novel idea.

Best of luck on the new website!

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