10 July 2006

AIM Charges NYTimes With Treason

The stings and barbs of outrageous fortune have now turned on the New York Times, and with very good reason. The NYTimes has consistently shown, again and again, that they are not interested in reporting on events. They are only interested in promoting its own Liberal Agenda, and if the facts don't fit in to that narrow world view, then they just don't bother to report it. The Times has only one consideration with the news it deems "fit to print": does the item published support or diminish President Bush and this administration. If it is positive and supportive of Bush and his programs, it is not printed.

The NYTimes It is not interested in supporting the war, supporting our troops nor in adding anything to our Right To Free Speech in this country. It has consistently shown itself to be a Leftist, traitorous organization.


Accuracy in Media has posted this item over at its site. It is worth the read.

I hope they do get indicted.


Anonymous said...

Check out
Treason is not the charge, it should be homicide. Warning very graffic!

Rue St. Michel said...

Thanks for posting the link. What an outrage - and the NYTimes is already writing that the killings were a "revenge" for the alleged rape and murder of a woman by a US soldier. How do the editors and writers at NYTimes sleep at night?