14 June 2006

Our sacred and beloved Flag

Happy Flag day.

Commemorate and honor the sacrifices that our fellow citizens have made over the last 230 years by flying Old Glory.

Da' Coach reflects on the importantance of honoring The Flag:

My Grandfather was a glider infantryman in WWII, an advisor in Korea, and lost one of his sons, my uncle Gary Edwards, in Vietnam. I worked in his auto repair station during high school and he flew his flag in front daily. One day while I was sweeping the oil dry out of the bays it began to sprinkle rain. He told me to go get the flag and I said "gimme a second." He said, "It is raining, go get the flag NOW." Well I popped off my mouth about how he should cool it, it isn't going to melt or some such typical teenage comment....

~ Mike Ditka

Today is all about honoring the US Flag. Tomorrow is reserved for this. Westcide Dog is bringing the weinies, marshmallows and cigars.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the reminder, as I am on furlo and lost track of the dates. Very sad however, as I just put my flag out, it is the only one on the block.

Rue St. Michel said...

I don't see many US flags flying in the district in which I work ... you can tell where people's priorities are when they either -

a. don't bother flying the US flag
b. decide to fly the flag of Puerto Rico, Mexico or Ecuador.

Where I live there are alot of flags out today. TG.

Enjoy your furlough!