17 June 2006


Like that would be a big loss. Sounds like Darwinism to me. Ravers love to think of themselves as superior beings who have everything all figures out, like X is good for you, nitrous oxide is like taking a vitamin and marijuana is no different than aspirin. Ravers are idiots and the more of them that die, the better for the world. (Little harsh but you'll see why - read on. )

Too bad he only took 6. As it is he probably saved the State of Washington hundreds of thousands of dollars in SSI, LINK and other welfare expenditures that would have been spent on these people whose brains are swiss cheese because of Ecstasy abuse.

Help these kids. Check out this anti-Rave site. I commented on a prior Rave in Utah and was criticized by a throng of uneducated, adolescent, doped-up, wannabe-cool-ravers, because I had the audicity to take the side of the Police when the cops were called in to break up a 1,000 person Rave. Go figure. I even had one jerkoff leave this comment:

You are a god damned moron. You obviously have never been to a rave, and should keep your piehole shut. There is also absolutely NO good reason that ecstacy is illegal, none at all, except that the fascists in washington like to keep all their sheep medicated on the same drugs, like prozac, paxil and wellbutrin, and can't stand people freeing their own minds.
I hope you die of bone cancer.


Ahhhh ... so "tolerant", so naive, so enlightened. I repeat - Gimme a Break! Stupid is as Stupid does.

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