01 June 2006

Jerome who?

Salon wrote an article about some of the tensions in the Liberal blogosphere (ie. MYDD versus Daily KOS.) Apparently Jerome Armstrong, creator of MYDD, is somewhat of a personality in Lefty circles. His curriculum vitae includes this snippet:

"Long before he helped pioneer the netroots movement by launching the blog MyDD in 2001, Armstrong served two tours with the Peace Corps, in Costa Rica and Sierra Leone, and was arrested repeatedly at protests with EarthFirst! and Greenpeace. He then spent a year and a half at Buddhist monasteries, meditating sometimes for 14 hours a day. It's an odd résumé that has left him with a calm, almost Zen-like demeanor, a rare feature for a political consultant in the overcaffeinated world of presidential politics. Shunting the traditional preppy blazer and tie, he wore short sleeves and dun-colored Levis."

You'll notice that instant Lefty credibility is attached to him with these revelations:
* he served in the Peace Corps,
* he was arrested,
* he was arrested while demonstrating for EarthFirst! and Greenpeace,
* and then, the pièce de résistance, he spent 1.5 years in a Zen monastery meditating for sometimes 14 hours per day!

Wow! It certainly shows. His advanced level of awareness extends to shunning the traditional "preppy blazer and tie for short sleeves and dun-colored levis" - always a sure sign that you're in the presence of an enlightened being.


The author of the article describes this Jerome Armstrong as the "Blogfather". I thought Glenn Reynolds was the Blogfather? Well the Liberals are good at plagiarising and getting wishy-washy with language. Look at how many of their rants have "democracy", "patriotism" and "freedom" interjected into them. They at least know that those elements are necessary to their own existence eventhough they don't truly support nor understand them. If they did then they'd be supporting our troops and their mission in Iraq.

I bring this Salon article to your attention because I'm concerned. With the conservative base angry with the Bush administration over illegal immigration amnesty, the splintering of the base will continue. The GOP can expect to get soundly defeated in '06 elections. It remains to be seen if the Liberal blogosphere and the DNC can put together a cohesive message that has enough oomph to sell it to the American people.

I doubt it. Pelosi and her Gang of 4 have been saying since 2004 that they would have a Plan for their party's platform ready by spring of 2006. Nothing yet has appeared.

Bush better wake up and get his McCainiacs to knock off the rhetoric and start listening to the people of this country.

No to Illegal Immigration.

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Sabian said...

I am back after taking a break from computer-mania. And, it's good to be back.

I agree. The GOP is gonna get banged like a gong. No one is challenging these lefty whiners. No one wants to stand up and fight any longer. It seems like Bush is only worried about exiting with a decent approval rating so he isn't remembered as one of the biggest goofs to ever live at 666 Pennsylvania Avenue.

And we shook our heads when Rosty was cashing in stamps.

HEY WASHINGTON....Challenge them on facts and expose the propoganda! Where's the bright up and comers?...........