15 June 2006

Hotel shenanigans?

I was looking through the site map of recent visitors and this one caught my eye:


The readout shows that the person went to SCC's blog and then clicked through to mine. The interesting part is that the IP address is from a Red Roof Inn in Atlanta Georgia - at the airport, no less.

It might be just me but if I was stuck in the Atlanta Airport Red Roof Inn at midnight, I'd be channel surfing with an eye towards one of the following. I certainly wouldn't be brushing up on CPD gossip, well - maybe alittle.

or the piece de resistance!

Watch your back -- the Anal Maniacs are here! Say good-bye to tired stories and washed-up talent as actor-director Alex Sanders puts some of the hottest butts in pro-am porn through scene after scene of intense backdoor action! All anal, all action, all you ever wanted!

Let them all see my "O!" face


Sabian said...

Who'd be hanging in the A-T-L?...

Had to be either someone who REALLY missed home or some nerd blogging and somehow was propelled into the world of SCC and The Boulevard of Right Thinking. Better than being on Sacramento Blvd.!

I agree. I would be viewing or making my own home movie. By the way, little, short home vids look pretty good on an I Pod! Ha! As for brown eyes.....I prefer the one that winks to the one that stinks. And I like those brown eyes looking right up at me. Oh yeah! Hey it is almost 1700....time to gear up for some of those shenanigans!!!!!!

Rue St. Michel said...

Yea, ATL of all places! At the airport??!?!!

It's possible that the person got channeled in from some outside link and then made their way over to RSM. I like to think that it was Phil Cline, sitting in his tiny hotel room, nervously tapping away at the keyboard with his chubby little stumps - anxiously waiting to see what SCC posted on the blog.

Oh shit! It's 00:35 - time to pop in "Anal Maniacs 5"!


Sabian said...

If it was, he was waiting for room service....they needed to use the service elevator so it took longer.

I looked for Anal Maniacs 5 in Lyons at the porn emporium on 47th. No luck!

Isn't it nice to know that SCC and RSM also works as a laxative for some?! Ha!