18 June 2006

Hate Crime Laws Are Nonsense

Another shining, 24 karat Gold example of why Hate Crime laws are unfair, ineffective and an outrage.

Many of you heard the story of "Fat" Nick Minucci. He is a Howard Beach, NY resident who caught a self-confessed car thief who was trying to steal a car. A Chrysler 300, no less. "Fat Nick" and some friends caught and subdued the suspect and, during the melee, "Fat Nick" struck the car thief with a bat and said, "We'll show you not to come and rob white boys."

Minucci faces upto 25 years in jail for the offenses and the car thief? He's out, free and singing like a bird.

Compare this story with the following:
The pack of thugs who mugged and fatally beat a New Jersey man outside a Chelsea nightclub had robbed before, police sources said yesterday.
"Get that white m----------r!" one of the attackers shouted before three of them surrounded Thomas Whitney Jr., 24, and threw the first punch, according to two women who saw the beating.
Najib Noor, 19, punched Whitney in the head while Daryush Omar, 20, and Walliullah Hashimi, 22, kicked him as he lay bleeding on W. 19th St., not far from the Spy Club, where Whitney had been partying, prosecutors said.
The trio then flipped the financial analyst over so they could rummage through his pockets and steal his wallet and cell phone, authorities said.
"They traveled in a pack and they beat and robbed people. They went looking for a victim and they found one. They were out to do a robbery. They had done it before," a police source said.
Police said they didn't charge the three with a hate crime because the comment was seen as a way to identify a drunken mark, rather than a racial slur, police sources said. Omar and Noor are natives of Pakistan and Hashimi of Afghanistan.
They were arraigned on murder and robbery charges in Manhattan Criminal Court yesterday and held without bail.
Another suspect, Jaweed Farhadi, told cops the crew had spent the night at the Avalon club on W. 20th St. Police initially thought the suspects had encountered Whitney at the Spy Club. Farhadi and two others were charged with criminal possession of stolen property.

Can anyone explain to me why this dopey "Fat Nick" gets charged with a hate crime for using the "N" word while assaulting a black car thief, and these Pakistanis calling a victim a "white motherfucker" while robbing him is not?

These hate crime laws should all be repealed until there is one standard for everyone. Or, in fairness, change the name of these laws to "White Equilibrium Justice Law" or something to show that Whites are being singled out and penalized just for being caucasian.

The political correctness liberals just succeeded in scratching away one more slice of our freedoms and no one seems to care.

Justice isn't just blind, it's also crippled and crazy.


Anonymous said...

Come on, shouldn't they be called "I Hate non-white people crimes"? I mean, with the MSM, it seems completely legit to hate white people. Seems almost like a national sport!

Anonymous said...

Go over to NYPD Rant, the azzhole that Nick caught is applying to the NYPD. And yes, they are not happy about that.

Rue St. Michel said...

Wow. Just read the thread on it. What a piece of shit. I hope he gets what he deserves.