17 June 2006

France Deports, Fears Culture Loss

France is finally waking up from its cultural malaise, apparently. It announced deportations in an effort to reign in excessive government spending, soaring unemployment and "fear of losing its national identity."

Across much of Western Europe, countries fearful of losing their national identities and anxious over struggling economies are seeking new ways to stem explosive growth in immigrant populations. The debates in Europe echo many of those heard in the U.S. Congress.

Ha! Welcome to the results of a liberal immigration policy, Fwonce. Pour mieux ĂȘtre en retard que ne jamais arriver!

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Anonymous said...

"Too little,too late." I for one don't think it's going to help.But it IS a start.I get the idea that you think America should start doing the same eh Rue? The only problem is,we're too divided in this country to collectively assert our will on this matter....for now.