22 June 2006

Eurabia Calling

[hat tip: No Pasaran!]

Still think we'd be better off modeling ourselves after our socially enlightened brethren in Europe? As the boys over at No Pasaran have noted, just a few years ago putting together an image like this:

Would have landed you in the courts with charges of rightwing extremist activity. Even uttering the word "eurabia" would have the french cops knocking on your door with a warrant. My how times have changed ... now militant gangs of "youths" can torch cars, burn down neighborhoods and pour gasoline on elderly women, and they are protected from prosecution because they are African and Muslim. Europe has its work cut out for it. Muslim assimilation will be extremely difficult because of economic pressures that Europe just cannot cope with. Europe doesn't have the luxury (neither do we) of having infinite tolerance for supporting and sustaining additional immigrants who don't want to blend in .. they want to take over. That's a problem.

Two years ago, the White House's favourite Arabist scholar, Bernard Lewis, gave a warning that Europe would turn Muslim by the end of this century, becoming “part of the Arab West, the Maghreb”. Now there is a plethora of books with titles like “While Europe Slept” and “Menace in Europe” (see article). Stagnant Europe, goes the standard argument, cannot offer immigrants jobs; appeasing Europe will not clamp down on Islamofascist extremism; secular Europe cannot deal with religiosity (in some cities, more people go to mosques each week than to churches). Europe needs to study America's melting pot, where Muslims fare better. ~The Economist

Good luck Euros ... it looks like cultural diversity, tolerance, open borders and appeasement really didn't work after all.

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