10 May 2006

Tracking device planted in Police badges

With Big Brother forever trying to find a way to monitor everyone and everything on the planet, we just got a little closer to having a 24 hour telescreen that watches your every move. It is bad enough that they're using Red-Light cameras to 'catch' cops going through intersections without their emergency equipment activated.

H-e-l-l-o! Sometimes we don't activate our equipment to go 2 blocks in order to back up another car that is on a traffic stop! If the intersection is clear and traffic is light, then where is our discretion?!?!?!! I don't know where our discretion is but, I'll tell you where it is going - right out the fucking window!

They are already loading up some cars with GPS tracking and surveillance (audio and video) hardware. They claim it is for 'officer safety' but really it is to see where you are at all times and how many times during the tour you utter an ethnic slur. That way it makes it easier to weed out the 'bad' cops - see how it works?

Ignorance is strength, Freedom is slavery and War is Peace.

V.H. Blackinton & Co. Inc. has developed a badge for law enforcement and government agencies with an embedded radio frequency identification (RFID) chip it plans to launch in August, company officials said Friday.
The SmartShield system validates badges and verifies the wearer. The package comprises Blackinton metal badges equipped with RFID chips, and Enforcement Identification (Eid) software that tracks information on each badge in a department’s inventory.

RINF has the link and the full story.

You better stock up on tin foil. I hear it's the only thing that will defeat the RFID chip. Save some foil for your head too.

~photo courtesy of www.doggiesbreakfast.blogspot.com


Sabian said...

I can hear the ads.....No longer will your badges end up on e-bay if lost or stolen.

The question: Will this technology be in ALL badges.....silver and gold? Or, just the working cops badge?

Rue St. Michel said...

If they know that you're down at your cushy desk job at 35th & Michigan, your star won't have it. They're just looking to screw the working coppers who slug it out in the ghetto every day.
It'll be expensive to insert so they'll be selective on who gets it installed - the usual pablum will be used to lube us up for the big soapy finger of phat-phil.
I sincerely thought he was going to keep it real but it turns out (from what I've seen), he's just as bad as Uncle Terry when it comes to throwing coppers under the bus when his own ass is on the line.

Sabian said...

Haaaaaaa!!!!!! Uncle Terry is consulting these days.

Can you hear it in the hood?...

"Ofcifer, why yo badge wrapped in reynolds wrap?"

As far as the 35th St. crew: It makes total sense...Everyone knows "chips" don't go well with Kool Aid.

Anonymous said...

If it isn't true,it soon will be.RFID technology is becoming more advanced along with becoming cheaper to produce.Not only will these devices be planted in objects like our stars,but in virtually everything we buy/use.The State Department is planning to place these devices in newly issued passports in a few years.George Orwell was only a couple of decades off.The era of "Big Brother" has begun.(Better control of the masses through science.)