29 May 2006


God bless our troops overseas and at home. If you served this great country of ours, then I thank you for your service.

Squids, Devil Dogs, Grunts and Flyers! God bless you all ! We live in the greatest country on God's green earth. Thanks to all my fellow Americans who proudly celebrate this sacred day of honoring our fallen heroes.

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Anonymous said...

As a veteran with 6yrs service in 2 seperate branches (Army/Air Force) I thank you for your kind words.Many people heap words of praise on our men and women in uniform thanking them for their sacrafice/service to our nation.The truth these days is,when many of these veterans come home they are underserved,ignored,or just plain forgoten by the government they risked their life to protect.Many are coming home to jobs that no longer exist,massive debt,strained marrages and uprooted lives they are struggling to put back together.The seriously wounded are recieving substandard healthcare if any at all by a underfunded VA. Not all vets,but too many. I say all this to make a point.The best way to say thank you to our war veterans is to support them AFTER they have fought for our freedom. This administration loves to wave the flag and pose shaking the hands of our men and women serving in combat zones. But after these veterans who served with honor during a perilous time in our nation's history return home,they are largely forgotten.These men and women deserve more "FROM A GREATFUL NATION." Sorry about the spelling,I only have a CPS education.