15 May 2006

One more chance to make it right

Tonight at 8pm, Bush speaks.

Illegal Immigration ~and~ George Bush: Don't you see it?

This is the Harriet Miers debacle all over again!

Michelle Malkin has some prescient points in identifying the current malaise among us as "Bush Depression Syndrome."

The president had better pull a rabbit out of the hat tonight because no one’s buying his line on this issue anymore. Michelle has a serious case of Bush depression syndrome this morning; symptoms include a new Vent and this link extravaganza. PoliPundit’s disgusted, John Hawkins is dismissing the troops-on-the-border ploy as a “gimmick,” and Hugh Hewitt, of all people, is talking schism. Captain Ed soothes the savage beasts by noting that our best chance for real reform lies in the idiocy of open-borders advocates, which, thankfully, is plentiful.

Hell hath no fury like that of a Republican scorned.


dilligaf said...

Rue I'm glad to see another conserative argue intelligently about the issues that face our nation. The problem is, Dubya sold us conseratives out. Im in the Michael Savage camp now. Close our borders, perserve our lanuage and culture. Simple as that.

Sabian said...

I was at work and missed the Bush-speak. Caught clips on the late news. From what I saw, very disappointing.

I can see it now...."I lived with 20 other illegals so my name wasn't on any utilities."

Fox News showed border patrol using paintball guns with pepper spray in the balls to stop them from getting over the fences. Greta climbing a confiscated homemade ladder.

As a Republican, and an American, I am stunned. I fear that during my lifetime I will come outta my place and it will be the scene from "Scarface" with the riot and people screaming....Libertad! Libertad! Libertad! Even the Elote kid will be chasing my ass!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The problem is most of you guys really believe that Republicans and Democrats have different agendas.They are two sides of the same coin. Both parties take turns bending us over.The only difference is the Dems use a little lube,while the GOP likes it rough and dry.The end result is the same.The top 1% with most of the money,the middle class paying the majority of the taxes while drowning in debt,and a few crumbs thrown to the poor to keep them complacent while they self medicate themselves with crack or meth.Every year the line between the "haves" and the "have nots" becomes clearer. We the so-called "middle class" are slowly but surely becoming the working poor.Most of us are only a few paychecks away from the poverty most of us see on the street.Until the majority of Americans stop seeing Republican/Democrat,Liberal/Conservative,White/Black,or Hawk/Dove, both parties will continue to play us against each other.And the status quo will continue. Now is the time for a THIRD political party to emerge that addresses the needs and concerns of the AVERAGE working American!