16 May 2006

NSA going after Journalists: Finally!

Tim Grieve, an irksome, petty personality over at salon.com - writes that an anonymous "law enforcement" official told ABC news reporters that the NSA program is tracking journalists' phone-calls in order to identify the confidential news sources that reporters employ. As usual the Leftists at salon.com employ cheap propaganda tricks in order to lull their liberal sheeple readership.

Hysteria, thy name is Mainstream Media.

You have to look closely at the story and read the final paragraph to understand what is going on here.

Ross and Esposito say there's no indication that the content of their calls is being monitored. As they note, however, "a pattern of phone calls from a reporter" could reveal the identity of confidential sources.

They raise the hue and cry over, yet another NSA scandal but - suddenly - there is no scandal. Huh? The reporters say that there is "no indication" that they are, in actuality, being monitored. So they can just make up some anonymous official, claim that the government is targeting journalists, print the story, send an email blast to hundreds of thousands of email accounts, then say that there is no real proof that the government is targeting journalists.

Welcome to the dark, dismal, Orwellian society that is our mainstream media. All hype - no fact.

If any of this is true then you have to ask, "So what?" What would the government do with the info? Say they identified a phone number that called Maureen Dowd 28 times last year. Let's say Maureed Dowd wrote a scathing column about Karl Rove that said that Rove was seen canoeing on a river in Connecticut the weekend that Valeria Plame was "outed". So what?
What can the Federal government do - station guards outside the home of the tipster? Sift through his garbage? Ideally maybe the Feds could find some evidence that the tipster broke the law but, realistically, law enforcement can't do much.

With the constant tidal wave of unhinged moonbat invective being thrown around, it might be a good idea for the government to start digging into where these Leftists in the news media are getting their information. It would make things alot clearer and would lessen the amount of hysteria that we see coming out of the MSM.

Personally I 'd like to see them going after journalists. Why stop at tracking them? Charge them with sedition, treason and giving aid and comfort to the enemy - then hang them.

Oh to be King for a day!

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