16 May 2006

MoonBat Interrupted

Via No pasaran!

The Queen of Contempt, The Sultan of Self-Righteousness, The Maven of Moonbats - yes...Cindy Sheehan is giving a talk about the evils of the War when she gets bitch-slapped by the hand of Truth.

Excerpt from the comments section:
"The Left has shown itself perfectly willing to play the fool for the Islamofascists, as long as it makes Bush look bad. After all, why spend time focusing on the videotaped beheading of Americans when it's so much more emotionally and psychologically satisfying to run headlines for months on end about fraternity hazing at abu-Graib? The Left are filthy swine."

I couldn't have said it better myself!

"Hey Cindy! Sit down and have a big steaming mug of shutthefuckup!"

1 comment:

Sabian said...

That was great! But, she has no shame and will continue to go anywhere the spineless have an opening for a guest speaker at their.."Get out of work with meetings" ruse.

They'll all be polishing the boots of Koreans of they don't wake up.