18 May 2006

Media Bias Rears Its Ugly Head

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Someone emailed me this story. The following is from the comments section for that article.

Not that I would ever defend his views, his right to have them and not bepunished for having them is an entirely different matter. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of professors and high school teachers whose views are on the radical left and are just as, if not more offensive, than Dr. McCuen's. Many teachers completely deny the existence of the Holocaust.
Many consider the United States the greatest terrorist state on Earth. Many think the death of U.S. soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan is a good thing.
Many think we got what we deserved on 9-11. It's interesting that the NEA will defend the leftist radicals but not the conservative ones. May I suggest an agenda?!?

~ Cory

Whenever I come across a story like this I strive for accuracy. I'm sure many readers found it offensive to their nature. But people get offended for many different reasons and, sometimes, over mere trivialities. It is interesting that this teacher is vilified for expressing his views while people like Louis Farrakhan can make similar comments and he continues to get support and a somewhat positive media glow.

"Cory's" comment was right on point. People who call Americans terrorists, who say we got we deserved on 9/11 - and other such drivel all get a warm welcome in the MSM. Remember when Ward Churchill called the WTC victims "technocrats" and "little Eichmanns". He even went on to say that American soldiers in battle should kill their commanding officers. The MSM barely uttered a peep about this guy's comments. It was only through bloggers and talk radio that his outrageous views were brought to the light of day. His own university just concluded that Churchill was guilty of research misconduct, which include plagiarism, fabrication, and falsification. The university has yet to determine if Churchill will be even suspended for such remarks - let alone fired.

Still think that there is no agenda in the MSM?

The double standards continue. Leftist opinions are celebrated - Opinions on the Right are denigrated.


Joshua said...

A couple of things . . .

Surely we can admit that there is a difference between high school teachers and college professors? High schools have a much narrower, and well-defined, educational objective. Comparing this guy to Ward Churchill isn't very useful. Comparing him to any number of high school teachers who have faced disciplinary action for speaking out in class in favor of gay rights or agains the President might be a fairer course. (Not to mention the public school teachers who are harassed and intimidated throughout this country on the basis of their sexual orientation. One current US Senator even used the spectre of gay teachers, and unwed-mother teachers, as a not-insignificant piece of his election strategy.)

On the other hand, Churchill is obviously a turd. While I don't think the fact that he holds offensive views means he should lose his professorship (and just so you don't claim I have some kind of "agenda" beyond my obvious pro-intellectual-freedom one, I also am a great fan of the embattled UNLV economist Hans-Hermann Hoppe who was attacked by gay students for an economic theory that was perceived as homophobic) I do have a lot of problems with the other aspects you bring up -- including the string of lies that landed him his job.

But here's a thought about your attack on the MSM . . . Margaret Thatcher once said, "Democratic nations must try to find ways to starve the terrorist and the hijacker of the oxygen of publicity on which they depend." In the case of actual, honest-to-god, killing-people terrorists, most of us would probably agree that Thatcher's theory has been proven wrong. But in the case of people like Ward Churchill, she has a point. He's a publicity-hound, and nothing makes a man like him preen more than attacks from the media. His ideas, deeply unpopular even among predominantly lefty college kids, would have risen and fallen in a matter of days if it weren't for the internet chatter that "brought them to the light of day." A lot of people say incredibly stupid, offensive things. Blogging about them only gives those people more reason to say more stupid and offensive things. Ignoring Ward Churchill would seem the wisest course, both for the MSM and the blogs. He wasn't Noam Chomsky after all -- he is infamous only because you made him so. Don't blame the MSM for Churchill's legitimacy as a public figure. The blame lies a bit closer to home.

Rue St. Michel said...

Thanks for the thoughtful commentary. I agree that ignoring some people is sometimes the best course of action. Some that deserve that treatment would be Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Cindy Sheehan, and Any of the Kennedy clan.

Ward Churchill is not part of that group because I believe that views like his need to be displayed in the light of day because his views are common to the socialist professors in our University faculties. I hold him up for examination because he is the poster-child for what is wrong with our college campuses. The irrational vitriol which he spews is silently endorsed by the majority of his colleagues. I think it is nitpicky to claim a difference between high school and college professors.

Blogging about certain people and certain causes is important. It lifts the veil of ignorance that pervades our msm. For example, the common knowledge is that you go to college to get an education - most people believe that. What doesn't get publicized is that along with the education, our students get indoctinated in socialism and start to believe the anti-establishment "turn in - tune out" hippy rhetoric that our professors are putting out there.

On your point of homosexual martyrdom: I don't agree. There shouldn't be discrimination against someone because of their sexual preferences but there shouldn't be a government accreditation of it either. Gay marriage shouldn't be blocked but neither should it be endorsed. The gov't should just take a neutral stance in regards to it. My gay friends are all emotional wrecks - and it is not due to societal discrimination. It is because most of them are untreated addicts who are acting out family of origin abuse.