02 May 2006

It's Hard For A PimP To Get Edgemacated

In today's Chicago Tribune an editorial appears entitled "Learning curve for black men and black boys." The first warning flag, for me, began right in the byline. It says "by Tim King, the founder and chief executive officer of Urban Prep Academies, a non-profit education organization that is opening Urban Prep Charter Academy for Young Men."

Oh no.

"Non-profit" in social-liberal-speak means that an organization was set up in order to wheedle funds out of some federal or state fund in order to help people who are deemed to be "disadvantaged." They, in effect, support and continue victimhood. I should know - I worked for a non-profit. It was an eyeopening experience. It was the first time that I directly experienced racial discrimination; as a victim.

But that is for another time, another posting.

Well true to form, Tim King goes right after your heart with these statistics:

A recently released study by the Consortium for Chicago School Research indicates that fewer than 7 percent of freshmen entering Chicago public high schools will earn a college degree by their 25th birthday. This statistic hits African-American and Latino students the hardest since these groups make up more than 85 percent of public school students in Chicago. Dig deeper into the numbers and you find that only 2.5 percent of black male students make it through college--just about 1 in 50.

Gee - is it because there's just not enough money to go around and that is what is keeping these kids from getting an education? My answer is a resounding No!

I see the miscreants streaming out of Steinmetz high school everyday and I have observed that less than 2% have books with them when they leave. That means that they either don't need to study because they're so brilliant, or - and more likely - they'll be called "sissy", "Oreo" or "punk" if they are seen walking home with books. It's just easier to leave the books at school than to confront the Maniac-Imperial-5-Star-Elite-ViceLord gangbangers that sit with you in 4th period "World Reading" class. If they do see you with books then they'll demand to know why you think you're better than them by actually studying when you get home.

Steinmetz performance levels are atrocious. 50% of freshman graduate (I'd love to see how many juniors actually graduate, probably much less than 50%), the average ACT score is 16.2 (Illinois average is almost 20), and they score an abismal 25% on PSAE state standards. To illustrate how pathetic the kids at Steinmetz are doing, their 25% rating puts them in below average.

Courtesy NCES.ed.gov

Predictably Mr. King says that first and foremost we must throw more money at it. That is not working, and has never worked. It is just not true that more spending equals better performance. We're spending tens of thousand per student and not seeing any measurable results.

La Shawn Barber has some interesting and evocative things to say on airing the dirty laundry in the black community. A definite "must-read."

Mr. King is right when he says that black kids need a two parent household - one mom and one dad. It's time for the black community to step up and address the lack of father infuence in their family of origin. Almost every single troubled kid that I've interacted with had either no father or a severely abusive one. The message that life is all about getting "bling", "poppin caps at the niggas up da street" and "fucking bitches" doesn't enamor a young man into dreams of entering John Hopkins Medical School and becoming a doctor.

Liberals are partially to blame. The empty rhetoric and environmental suicide of political correctness and diversity has made it virtually impossible to offer constructive criticism to certain ethnic groups. It is hard to give someone advise on something when the giver is constantly accused of hating the person to whom the advise is offered.

But when is someone going to step up and say that failing schools, homicide and crime among black youths is not a function of systemic racism? I guess never as long as we continue to throw money at the issues effecting the black community.

Can't we all get along - and get educated?

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