11 May 2006

A Deviant by any other name

The hypocrites on the Left have the unmitigated gall to accuse Republicans of using the "Homo Card" in order to gain positive PR for the GOP.

The Democrats are experts at using their puerile advancement of cultural diversity and political correctness in order to transform their platform of deviancy into normalcy.

The idea that you, dear Reader, are an idiot - is what the Left is all about. If you don't go along with their Alice In WonderLand delusional world of make-believe, then the Leftists have just the right moniker to categorize you. They assume that all you have to do is hear the message that homosexuality is normal about 5,000 times in order for you to begin to believe it. It is all part of the Leftist brainwashing that they use the MSM for.

You have feelings that maybe homosexuality is wrong? You're a homophobe. You believe that the sacred bonds of Marriage should be confined to a man and woman? You're a bigot AND a homophobe. You believe that if a woman marries a dolphin, she should be derided as a deluded, juvenile sicko - who is probably an emotional wreck - and clueless about life? Then you're a closed-minded bigot AND Anti-PETA AND Anti-Dolphin. Flipper hater!

It used to be that homosexuality was considered a 'deviant' lifestyle. Deviant simply means "Differing from a norm or from the accepted standards of a society." In fact, until recently, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, published by the American Psychiatric Association, classified homosexuality as a mental illness. I believe that it should be considered a mental illness in that many of the people that I know who consider themselves 'gay' - got 'gay' by being abused. They could definitely be helped by some psychiatric treatment.

About 2%-6% of the US population consider themselves 'gay'. Although this google writer claims that homosexuality is a genetic trait - not a chosen lifestyle. That which we do not understand becomes a genetic trait, in our current politically correct social environment.

Since feelings are primary in our culture now, it cannot be broadcast that homosexuals have a 'choice' - that would mean that they have the ability to choose. That would remove the thin veneer of victimhood off of their shoulders. No...no...no -- we can't have that. We have to continue to pander to the idea that gays are being beaten up, assaulted and discriminated against. The film industry caters to this idea with such blockbusters as The Bird Cage, Torchlight Trilogy and BrokeBack Mountain.

Another side to this ridiculous fantasia of sexual orientation being a sacred Cow, people are now using their sexual identity as their primary identity. In the academy we had an instructor who was openly gay. It was a big 'So What?' - he was a great instructor and had, obviously been a good coppper when out on the street. None of us cared that he was gay.

Unfortunately many gays are looking for reassurances. They want you to bend over backwards and oooh and aahhh over their lifestyle so that you 'prove' that you are accepting of homosexuality.

I personally don't want to interfere with people's choices. This is a free society, afterall. If people want to fall in love, live together and have sex - then by all means, go ahead. I don't think it is the governement's business to interfere.

Likewise, I don't think that Gay Marriage should be ENDORSED by the government. I think that government should be neutral towards it. Neither supporting nor inhibiting. The Federal Marriage Amendment seeks to define marriage as a union between a Man and a Woman.

Go here to support this important legislation.

We have to stop the mewling special interest groups from taking over because this is still a majority-governed populace. Homosexuality was considered deviant for a very good reason. If you are a 6'2" 300 lb man who wants to dress like Celine Dion, then don't you think there are some issues in your life that need to be examined?

Unfortunately the Left thinks No. There is no problem there - just keep telling yourselves that all is well and ~ voila~ it is!

Where will it all end? When we see states supporting marriage between a Man and his Hamster?

Enough of the nonsense.


Sabian said...

And, no one ever complained about all those stinky hamsters with methane poisoning at the least and suffication at the worst? Of course not. It was a dirty little non-secret. Lefty: "Hamster sales are good for the economy!" Oh Pa-leeeeeze spare me!!!!!!!!

Big Brother needs to stay outta things.....as noted here....AND..I am tired of people getting into my comfort zone and personal space with there..."Why can't Bubba dress like Celine? He's a human being you know!" "What's your problem?...We have rights too." "Why don't you go to Es******s for a beer? Are you afraid of the other men?"

Yes, true. We all have rights. And my right is to have my own opinion and choose not to support such conduct. Don't force me to accept it or have The G tell me I have to accept it. Am I a deviant? I reckon I am!!!!!!!!!

And for this post I am the FIRST deviant. Oh Yeah!!!!!!!

Rue St. Michel said...

Sabian - You're on fire, Dude! :-)

That's what I'm saying!

Thanks for the thoughtful commentary....


no koolaid please said...

Hey, do you remember when the gay police assoication took off under Martin? Question will their be a special code for profiling them on stops? How can you, have a don't ask don't tell when it's screamed "I'm gay I'm proud" from the roof tops. Yet their still demanding a piece of the civil rights pie poor me.

When did ones sexual choice become a cause? Here is my thought. I don't care who you sleep with just stop trying to brainwash me and my younger family members.

Looks like Lib's want everyone to scream discrimination, my rights have been violated poor poor me.

Question if I went in for freckle issue as equal rights. Ya, know I experienced teasing as a child and I'm wounded, if my freckles are less in the winter than the summer. Would I loose my equal protection rights?