08 May 2006

The cruelest cut of all

For Brutus, as you know, was Caesar's angel.
Judge, 0 you gods, how dearly Caesar loved him.
That was the most unkindest cut of all.

~ Shakespeare's Julius Caesar

After all this time I finally understand, viscerally, why people hate President Bush. To clarify, I should say that I can empathize with some of their vitriol.

On the 5th of May, YahooNews reported that Bush's approval ratings are at an all-time low. The fact that his numbers are in the basement is nothing new, nor is that the truly pathetic part. The truly shocking part is that 45% of 'self-described' Republicans disapprove of this president and his policies.

Wow....just let that sink in.

The people that 'got him to The Dance' are the ones that disapprove of his performance by an almost 2 to 1 margin.

Has Bush jumped the shark? I say Yes. Although the political base of any politician is fickle by its very nature, Bush is on a downturn because so many of us have seen how little he thinks of the people who voted him into his office. When Bush first floated his "No Illegal Left Behind" plan, I called the White House to voice my displeasure with this self-destructive initiative. The switchboard operator listened patiently to my harangue then calmly said, "Mr. St. Michel, we are sorry to lose your vote" then he hung up on me. It was representative of what this administration's position is when it comes to its critics: Shut up, we're right. Bush and his team figured that they were on a roll - with 9/11 and the battles in Iraq and Afghanistan, they could just steamroll around without consideration of the US People. The fact is, Bush doesn't want to listen to his base. The vast majority of Americans want our borders secured and the illegals deported.

It is maddening to watch him set aside our National interests in order to appease an imaginary, monolithic "latino" voter block. This doofus got into office and then right after he was elected for a second term he began his Amnesty push.

Well the cut from a friend is the unkindest of all. We thought that Bush would step up and represent us with strong principles, strong convictions and, with values that are cemented in our National culture. After 8 years of Slick Willy Clinton and his Cirque de Sex at the White House, we all thought Bush was a welcome change. He'd be a strong leader who wouldn't get caught in a bathroom with his pants down.

Ah .... you'd be wrong. Bush is in the White House giving oral favors to his Asshole-Buddy Vicente Fox. All Bush is concerned with is pandering and appeasing the Illegal Immigration groups. Period.

2008 will be a GOP bloodbath. We have no one to blame but Bush and his selective hearing skills.


Sabian said...

I was not the biggest fan of Clinton but even he is looking good these days.

I kinda liked the way he would launch missles instead of getting bogged down in a war of attrition.

But, this whole amnesty deal is so wrong. Bush is selling us out and Fox is laughing like a hyena at us dumb Americans. God save us!!!!!!

Rue St. Michel said...

Sabian -
I can always count on you for smart and insightful comments.

Thanks for your post, and for your continued support.


Rue St. Michel said...

Oh shit ... I almost forgot ...

I'm Number Two!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And it's no big deal after all .....

Sabian said...

I thought we wer all number one over here? At least that's the way the host and contributors make me feel!

Nevertheless, it is sad what is happening to the good ole' USA. And Bush ain't got a clue.

Anonymous said...

The scary part of it all is,what's next after post-Bush? Who's going to be able to clean up the steaming pile of s*!# he and Cheney are going to leave in the White House? Quagmire war,trillion dollar defecits,borders overun by illegals,a gutted CIA,FEMA rendered impotent,and a big bureacratic clusterf&<*! of a organization called Homeland Security that can't seem to get anything done.I see no candidate on the horizon who can right this ship Republican or Democrat.WE NEED A HERO!