16 May 2006

Bush: "Bend over and take it!"

The internet ether is alive and crackling with fire from pundit commenataries over GW's continued pandering to pro-Illegal immigration mobs - "The Amnesty That Dare Not Be Named."

As usual, Bush shoves it down our throats while giving us the soapy finger of a Temporary Guest Work program. Michelle Malkin correctly points out that there is nothing "temporary" about allowing a flood of unskilled labor into your country. Just imagine 5 years from now when Jose and his family of 5 are asked to leave the country because Jose's Guest Worker pass is expired. Some reporter for ABC News will interview a tearful Juanita, who will say that Jose can't be deported because 3 of their 4 babies were born in the US and are now citizens. Juanita will go on to say (with the help of a spanish interpretor) that Jose's landscaping job and their welfare LINK card were the only thing supporting them. A grave and serious reporter will face the camera and ask, "How can you send this hardworking father, husband and immigrant back to his native country?" The media will have a field day over this. There is no such thing (realistically) as a temporary worker plan. In a Zogby poll, only 13% of Americans are in favor of Bush's "No Illegal Left Behind" plan.

Unintentional laugh line: Most illegal aliens "live in the shadows of our society."
Unintentional laugh line #2: "We are a nation of laws. And we must enforce our laws."
Cites border security funding increase.
"The men and women of our Border Patrol are doing a fine job under difficult circumstances." That I agree with 100 percent.
807 Message to Vicente Fox: "The United States is not going to militarize the border." But you go ahead and militarize yours, Vicente.
Addresses catch-and-release problem. Detention bed shortage. We'll end catch and release at the southern border once and for all.

~ Michelle Malkin

What about the costs to us? The Washington Times estimates that within 20 years, this guest worker plan will allow almost 200 million more people (most unskilled) into our country. The burden on the taxpayers will be high and unbearable.

The guest worker program will bring 325,000 workers into the US every year. Again, mostly unskilled.

The Senate immigration reform bill would allow for up to 193 million new legal immigrants -- a number greater than 60 percent of the current U.S. population -- in the next 20 years, according to a study released yesterday.
    "The magnitude of changes that are entailed in this bill -- and are largely unknown -- rival the impact of the creation of Social Security or the creation of the Medicare program," said Robert Rector, senior policy analyst at the Heritage Foundation who conducted the study.
    Although the legislation would permit 193 million new immigrants in the next two decades, Mr. Rector estimated that it is more likely that about 103 million new immigrants actually would arrive in the next 20 years.
    Sen. Jeff Sessions, Alabama Republican who conducted a separate analysis that reached similar results, said Congress is "blissfully ignorant of the scope and impact" of the bill, which has bipartisan support in the Senate and has been praised by President Bush.

Anyway you look at it, this Guest Worker plan is an abomination. And while the President of Mexico is upset that we are stationing our military at the border to help the Border Patrol agents do a more effective job, Vicente Fox doesn't have a problem using Mexican Army Regulars patroling the Mexico/Guatemala border to keep Guatemalan immigrants from coming across. Doesn't it seem like more and more Mexico is dictating US immigration policy? WTF?!?!?!!?!?

Don't think that turning to the Democrats in the fall is the answer either - they're even more clueless.

UPDATE: I'm pissed.


Sabian said...

Is there not one person in power in America who is NOT ruining this country?......

I had to laugh at the "Living in the shadows of society." Go to 26th Street, 18th street, Cermak from the viaduct east to beyond Blue Island and you will see them walking out in broad daylight! Oh, let's not forget the laundramat at 55th & Christiana. I think I have been the only one in that place that has been legal!....I take that back. The kid selling gum, dvds, and Tupac beach towels one night was a little banger offspring. My bad. But, they are in the shadows glaring at you like they wanna slit your throat when you are in "their" part of town.

Bush, What are you thinking Bro?............

Anonymous said...

Illegals have been sneaking across our border for over 100yrs.with the tacit permission of our government.They have been continuously exploited ever since.Farms have used them to keep their expenses low and profits high.Certain industries have used them as strike and union busters to keep wages and benefits low.They have been mistreated,disrespected,and underpaid for their labor by farmers and businessmen alike.Knowing that if they complain they'll be threatened with being turned over to ICE.Now these people over 12 million strong refuse to live on the fringes of our society as second class citizens with the government collecting money from their duplicate soc.security numbers(over 7 billion last year.)Now they DEMAND rights/citizenship.The White House,Capitol Hill,and the wealthy whom exploit these people are between a "rock an a hard place."Congressman Gutierrez is correct in pointing out "deporting 12 million illegals ain't gonna happen."Having said that,I personally believe these "illegals" have no claim to citizenship.The best way to defuse this mass illegal immigration is to target the businesses that hire these people and fine and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law.Unfortunately,President Bush and Attorney General Gonzales have neither the will or the balls to initiate such an action.Their REAL constituants big bussiness and the wealthy don't want that to happen. So now Bush and Co.have to find a way to keep the rich happy while APPEARING to be serious about stemming the tide of illegal immigration.Personally,I think that will be damn near impossible for a man of his limited talents.(This is a man who can't ride a bike without falling on his face/ass.)My prediction is;Big business and the wealthy will win out with a "guest worker" program while the middle class and the poor lose even more ground to the swell of immigrants who will infiltrate our wide open borders looking for citizenship/amnesty.Didn't mean to rant that long,but I had to let that out.THANX.

Rue St. Michel said...

Rants are allowed, nay encouraged! I understand your points and they are well put. I would only clarify that exploitations have been occuring on both sides - the businesses exploit them for cheap labor and, the illegals exploit the United States' social programs: education, access to medical facilities, social security (SSI), welfare benefits (LINK/WIC) and other sundry city / state services.

The 12 million who were "threatened" at being turned over to the ICE is somewhat misleading. You know, as well as I, that pro-Illegal immigration attorneys have drummed it into illegals' heads that law enforcement doesn't have the right nor ability to turn them over to INS unless they commit a forcible felony. So they are protected from police intervention.

Most of the illegals use falsified social security numbers. What happens when Jose Gomez uses William Gladstone's social security number and poor William gets a W2 in the mail claiming that he made 35,000 each of the 3 years prior and now owes 159,000 in back taxes and penalities? Ever deal the IRS in these situations? It is horrific because it is the victim's responsibility to prove that he didn't earn those wages. The IRS gives you less than 30 days to deny the allegation then they flag your credit report and go after your wages.

And how about (see my post on this) in 20 years when we have 193 million additional people here due directly to this Guest Worker program? Will our system be able to accomodate all these people? What about our infrastructure? - Roads, SSI, Welfare, Pension plans, wages? Over the last few years, 84 hospitals in California have closed because uninsured illegals have overburdened the system.

The bottom line is that these people coming from MEXICO are coming here for jobs & money - NOT TO BECOME AMERICANS! That is my biggest issue with illegal immigration.

Sabian said...

I agree here!!! The thing that ails me is that the illegals are here to just use and abuse. No interest in America, making it better; stronger. Or, being an AMERICAN. It really sucks. If you think waiting at the Dr's office is a bitch now, just wait. Naturally, the abuse of these peole will continue too. Instead of fake documents and ID's, there will be some new way to take advantage of these people and teach them how to further abuse the system.

I can't believe people show up. set up their tent and then threaten to boycott, march and sue.....and vote politicians out of office if THEY don't get their way. Keep in mind that it's not the illegals organizing this stuff.

I feel like we are turning into France.