06 May 2006

Baseball panders to Mexican celebrations

Michelle Malkin reports this morning that during the Texas Rangers-NY Yankees baseball game last night at Texas Stadium, the Rangers had their uniforms changed to read "Los" Rangers. This in apparent homage to the Cinco de Mayo celebration.

This outright pandering is getting out of hand.

As Michelle correctly points out, what if the Rangers changed their jerseys to reflect Confederate Heroes Day? The Left and the pampered minority special interest groups would throw accusations of racism around like hogs at a feeding. It is now acceptable to celebrate other culture's wars and battles but, when it comes to our own national pride, any celebrations are considered to be endorsing imperialism and oppression.

The double standard is appalling.

This is the reason that blogging and talk radio media outlets are important. MLB let this happen, with the assent of the Texas Rangers team, and no major media outlet made an issue of it. If they had, you can believe that the spokesmen for La Raza would be up in arms. So last night's game went quietly along with the uniform change. The political correctness crowd is subtle and subversive. You can count on them being forever servile and patient. They hope and count on the distracted masses being unaware and ignorant so that, over an extended period of time, as they etch away at our sensibilities, they can come back 5 years from now and say, "Look! We've changed the Rangers' uniforms every year of the last five and no one said a peep about it!"

So much for the great American pasttime being a celebration of American culture.
Where will it end? Will all American sports teams begin to celebrate Mexican historical milestones?

Stay informed and stay alert. The barbarians are at the gate.

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