05 April 2006

Some thoughts on Sinatra, illegals and burnout

This morning I removed the blogs4bush blogroll from my links sidebar. I will no longer support this president - not with money, not with votes nor with valuable sidebar space on my blog.

Last year when Bush began to float the idea of Amnesty (yes Michael Medved - it is an Amnesty program) for Illegals, I called the White House to voice my distaste at this unfair and destructive program. The man who answered the phone, listened to me for about 15 seconds, allowed me to finish then said, "Well that's too bad Mr. Michel. We're sorry to lose your vote." The message came through loud and clear - The president doesn't give a rat's ass about you, his voting base, his constituents or the constitution. We want to take the easy way out and will not do anything that causes the White House any criticism. We want that elusive hispanic vote and, if we have to let a few hundred thousand more come in - then so be it."

I've been pretty ornery lately. Pissed off, more like it. Listening to Michael Savage in the squad car in the evenings is not helping my mental state. He says the things that are probably on most Americans' minds - secure the Borders, make English the natioal language and promote American Culture. No one - it seems - not the media, not the administration and not this president are saying or doing anything about the matters that will effect the foundation of our country over the next 200 years. It also doesn't alleviate my agitation when, traffic stop after traffic stop, I get the "No hablo ingles" and gold toothy smile from the offender who is, I invariably learn, illegal and driving without a license and without insurance.

Yesterday on a "holding the offender" call, I walked into the security office and found my two shoplifting offenders. One illegal - 8 months pregnant - couldn't speak a word of "ingles". The other illegal, sitting like St. Francis, was surrounded by a throng of children. The kids' ages ranged from 3 to 8.

I thought to myself Here is exactly the reason why we need to do something about illegal immigration. Neither shoplifter worked a job - they were just baby factories. Anchor baby factories, to be accurate.

The pregnant one said that the father of her child didn't want to have anything to do with her now. (cue the heavy sigh.)

At this point in my screed, I find the need to say that the majority of Americans are good, generous people. We all understand that our families emigrated from other countries. The point - and this is lost in the media frenzy on illegal immigration - is that our families did it legally. Our families abandoned their native languages - italian, russian, polish, german and greek - and began the difficult journey of assimilation into American culture. That included taking english classes, studying American history and applying for citizenship.

America is an idea - an idea that is only workable if everyone who is here considers him or herself an American. Frankly it makes me sick to see this president and our politicians pandering and supplicating to the illegal immigrant factions.

As Sinatra's version of "The Lady is a Tramp" plays softly in the background, I feel that we are seeing the beginning of the end of our country. I see all the corruption and malaise that permeates Mexico and it is just a matter of time before that disease creeps into the bones of America. As I write this, our border towns are under armed assault by roving Mexican drug runners, who enjoy the support of Mexican army regulars. (heavy sigh #2).

When will we wake up.



Crimefile said...

I never thought of either Georse Bush presidents as being anything more than Texas Liberal Democrats who ran as Republicans.

We need to enforce our borders and begin removing those who came here in less than legal ways...

Anonymous said...

I believe the best way to attack this problem is prosecute all employers who employs an illegal (whether they know it or not) and give them 30 days of striped air time for each and every illegal found in their employ.

I voted for "W" twice, but I know this won't fly because his campaign contributers in agriculture would scream bloody murder, but let's see how many of these "guest workers" come north once they have to comply with the all rules in order to get work.

Punish the employers; whether they are Fortune 500 companies(fruit and livestock operations), your rich friends who need a low-cost nanny, or the farmer with a large confinement hog operation and much of this problem will be reduced.

When you clean the barn of the manure there aren't as many flies.

Anonymous said...

You hit the nail on the head Rue. The media keeps refering to these people as "immigrants" when in reality these people are illegal ALIENS. And to award these people with legal status and the chance at citizenship would be sending the wrong message to the world at large.As long as you can sucessfully infiltrate our borders you can stay and probably become a citizen.As you've already stated,immigrants are people who entered our country LEGALLY.If we allow this to occur what does that say to the foreigners who followed the rules? If the bill is passed in it's present form without thoughtful amendments,America will become one large refugee camp.