06 April 2006

The Quick and The Macho

If you're going to make machoism and respect the cornerstones of your culture, then be prepared to confront situations like this.

If you want to fully embrace the hispanic culture, take a moment to memorize this formula. It will keep you in good stead the next time you go to a Quinsiñera or Boda:


Anonymous said...

Socialogical mathamatics?

Shadi said...

I think this boy's gone crazy!

Too much Bloggin', not enuff Graduate Skool!

What is you- the Blue Welfare Gnome Chompski?


- ydahS - ;-)

(Supreme Useless Idjit ;)

Sabian said...

The equation is the correct answer!
Mr. dumbass and Ms. fine ass...AKA Hoochie Mama and new ghetto-bangin Flaco all in the same location = EMS Rolling!!!!!!!

Rue St. Michel said...

"CFD is requesting police assistance at the scene. Caller says her baby's daddy has a gun and is threatening everyone."