12 April 2006

No Illegal Left Behind

Mike Gallagher mentioned this on his radio show a few nights ago.

Go to Google and type in the search box the words george bush amnesty. Here is what you'll see:

You'll notice the highlighted hyperlink says, "President Bush Proposes New Temporary Worker program". So it was right after being elected for a second term that he began to foment his No Illegal Left Behind program. Et tu Brutus?

Bush laid out his new plan for Amnesty by invoking the Holy, Inveterate Slogan - "Work that Americans Won't Do" (ie. the lie that dare not be questioned) - as the primary need for an immigration policy that allows illegals to have a fast-track to work, benefits and citizenship.

With unemployment in 40-50% range in large urban ghettos - why do we have to import tens of thousands of unskilled labor from a foreign country? What about the millions of Americans who would love a job laying concrete, constructing houses or installing plumbing? Oh - that's right....those Americans want to be paid a decent wage!

Silly me.

Bush's policy will only make the situation worse. Allowing a flood of illegal and undocumented workers, has increased the amount of available unskilled workers. A larger supply of labor puts downward pressure on wages because employers can pick and choose who they'll hire. Why should they give a job to Harry T. Anderson when Jose, complete with bogus documents and a brand new fake social security number in hand, will do the job for 25% less. To make it even better, the employers can claim that they have "no way" of knowing whether the documents are valid or not. They say that even if they want to check, they can't because then they'll get sued by the prospective employee for discrimination.

Reform must begin by confronting a basic fact of life and economics: some of the jobs being generated in America's growing economy are jobs American citizens are not filling. Yet these jobs represent a tremendous opportunity for workers from abroad who want to work and fulfill their duties as a husband or a wife, a son or a daughter.
Their search for a better life is one of the most basic desires of human beings. Many undocumented workers have walked mile after mile, through the heat of the day and the cold of the night. Some have risked their lives in dangerous desert border crossings, or entrusted their lives to the brutal rings of heartless human smugglers. Workers who seek only to earn a living end up in the shadows of American life -- fearful, often abused and exploited. When they are victimized by crime, they are afraid to call the police, or seek recourse in the legal system. They are cut off from their families far away, fearing if they leave our country to visit relatives back home, they might never be able to return to their jobs.
The situation I described is wrong. It is not the American way. Out of common sense and fairness, our laws should allow willing workers to enter our country and fill jobs that Americans have are not filling. We must make our immigration laws more rational, and more humane. And I believe we can do so without jeopardizing the livelihoods of American citizens.

~ George W. Bush, January 7, 2004

Frankly I'm tired of talking about this topic. I'm almost to the point of giving up. When your country's President is the one leading us down the road to ruin, what can you do? The politicians are too concerned about appearing "sensitive" and continue to ignore their constituents. Americans, meanwhile, continue to scream for a fence, sanctions against employers who hire illegals and increased border security. The senate isn't listening either.

Charles Krauthammer offers some sage advice.

What do you think was said when in 1986 we passed the Simpson-Mazzoli immigration reform? It turned into the largest legalization program in American history--nearly 3 million got permanent residency. And we are now back at it again with 11 million new illegals in our midst.

How can it be otherwise? We already have a river of people coming every day knowing they're going to be illegal and perhaps even exploited. They come nonetheless. The newest amnesty--the "earned legalization" now being dangled in front of them by proposed Senate legislation--can only increase the flow.

Those who think employer sanctions will control immigration are dreaming. Employer sanctions were the heart of Simpson-Mazzoli. They are not only useless, they are pernicious. They turn employers into enforcers of border control. That is the job of government, not landscapers.

We have to build a fence and then assimilate the illegals already here. The caveat should be that they Americanize - learn English and have no criminal history.

Can you imagine Bush standing in front of a group of Nepalese or Yemenese immigrants' rights groups and making the same speech? Do you think that Bush has a hidden agenda? If I was a betting man I'd say his blatant pandering comes down to votes. He sees the hispanic demographics as offering a chance to swing spanish voters away from the cadres of the DNC over the next 20 years. But he won't acknowledge that giving into the insane demands of these mobs is shortsighted and wrong.

And as I see Illegals protesting and waving Mexican flags, My disappointment with this president continues to descend into a maelstrom of frustration.


Shadi said...

YES! A Left, and a Right, A Left...

THE ROOSTER has FLOORED the SHRUB with a furious FUSILLADE of FISTS! (meta-physically speaking, of course, my dearest N.S.A. "Carnivore"...!Joking...)

Nice post ROO!

"IMAGINE all the WestSide Peoples... working for their pay..."


"You may say ROO's a Dreamer...
but He's NOT the ONLY One..."


- ydahS ;-)

Rue St. Michel said...

Counting heads, taking names and kicking ass.

"Contando la cantidad de personas, escribiendo sus nombres y pateando sus culos!"

Naw - it just doesn't have the same ring in spanish as it does in English....

Thanks for the comments, SlimShady"WaytoGo"Grady!

Anonymous said...

To Rue, You are one of the FEW conservative minds I have read that puts a realistic spin on the workings of the Bush administration. I was once a loyal Dem but seeing how weak,spineless,and out of touch they are with the American people,I can no longer in good consciense support them.What is needed in this country is a strong THIRD party that speaks for the common American.Not only is the President pandering for the hispanic vote,but so are Teddy Kennedy and the Dems.Both parties are two sides of the same coin.We as a nation can no longer survive voting for "the lesser of two evils." Somewhere there must be more Americans who feel this way.