24 April 2006

The New American male?

Much has been written about the New American Man.

He is supposed to be caring, gentle, sensitive and sympathetic and full of empathy. But does this new male do justice to America? Do you think that Islam is the fastest growing religion because more and more people are using it to design custom double wides?

It is growing more and more because it creates people who's only desire in life is to do Allah's bidding.

I was doing some surfing and found this kid. He seems somewhat normal American. He is from St Louis, Mo.
His profile is at MySpace.com

His general likes are as follows:
"computers, nudity, guitars, web design, recording, thermionic devices, going to shows, IV drips of caffeine, the zener diode, reading magazines, eating cheese, getting the mail, shopping for antiques, girls, red bull, sattelite radio, sex..."

At the other end of the spectrum we have this:

"Shaheed Shafeeq-Madani likes to read the Quoran, pray 5 times per day, maintain his cleanliness and wishes to some day die a martyr's death while serving The Most Holy Allah and His Beloved and Mighty Servant Muhammed, may His Name be Praised for 10,000 years."

While Mikey is downloading tunes to his iPod, surfing porn sites and flipping through the latest issue of Maxim, Shaheed is cleaning his AK-47 and trying to find a way to sneak into the US so that he can do Muhammed's bidding in His Jihad.

I understand why some Muslims dislike the West. Our very presence is an insult to their holy scripture. Our televisions show MTV, E!, Howard Stern and Dallas. We glorify sex and material wealth. We don't live by a code of ethics anymore. We don't have boundaries or discipline.

In short, we're out of control. We have lost our compass. I live here and I can't stand 75% of the crap that gets put out in the mainstream media: Tv and news together. It is a real travesty.

But, we will win eventually. America is the last bastion against Islamic Facist oppression. May God bless her and keep her safe.

Cherish your freedom.

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